Meltdown Central

It has been a rough week so I am hoping tonight and this coming week will be a step up.

On Monday they draw blood on me as I have been not feeling well for a long time. On Wed the lab and the county call me I am positive for Lyme Disease again. I am soo tired of being sick and tired but feel at a loss. I have to wait for the more advanced test but it too would turn out to be positive. All 10 bands of one test were reactive on one test (you only need 5) and 2 out of 3 on the other test (you only need 1). Good news I knew what the problem was, bad news the doxy you have to take makes me quite sick.

N is back at school after being suspended for 5 days for stealing from the class garage sale. She argued with the teacher on the first day but got it together thankfully. On Friday I got a call from the sitter, N was raging and would not calm down. I try to talk to her and she swears at me and threatens to walk to tae kwon do. Umm ok you don’t know the way whatever I will come to get her.

I have to tell my brand new boss I need to leave early because one of my kids is having a meltdown. She looks at me blankly so I offer a quick explanation as to what I am talking about in general. I fly out the door and to the sitter. N is calm by this point and apologizes to both the sitter and myself. I try not to complain but am simmering mad inside. She explains the teacher called out her behavior and it embarrassed her. I reminded her that it was called out because of the choices she had made previously and she sat sullenly. I am sorry I get you are pissed but she called you out for stealing from the class and for talking about sex with students in the class. Yes you will get your corrections in front of the class. Also she had been warned to not do either again.

We grab baby K and head to TKD I mistakenly leave the phone in the car. We get out of class and I see a call and message from restricted and my first thought was “great CPS again” but no it was a state trooper. M2 and her friend were on the elementary grounds and were asked to leave and although they did M2 gave the trooper and attitude would I please talk to her when I am home. Yep sure not place for that I will talk to her when I get home. The trooper thanks me and hangs up.

A few moments later as we are driving home another Trooper calls my cell phone. He asks if I know that my oldest daughter M1 has requested a restraining order against her birth father. I say that is ridiculous because there is already a keep away order for him so this was not necessary and for the record she contacted him first. The trooper tells me that M1 has told him I was going to bring M2 to go visit him and I said no that was not the case. The trooper said M1 insisted I was going to do it soon and had to be stopped before it was too late. I sigh and assure the officer I understand what no contact means and that M1 has an extensive history of lying so no worries M2 won’t be anywhere near him. He thanks me and tells me to come to the station as M2 is having “an episode”

Fan-freaking-tastic there is no way this will go well. I get there and there are four officers surrounding my daughter. They tell me she is making threats about harming herself. I ask what is going on and they tell me that M1 had told M2 that their birth father was trying to come and get her and of course M2 was terrified out of her mind. I assure the officers there is no real risk but of course the ambulance had already been called and yep I get it. I tell the officers she is autistic and needed some patience when stressed out as she clearly was. They nodded but I could tell that they were not really listening. I went over and hugged M2 as N sat in the car with Baby K. I reassured her she would be all right and that yes she will need to get into the ambulance. The ambulance driver was rude but I called him out immediately and reminded him that as a child with a disability it was in everyone’s best interest if I took control of the situation as they were overwhelming and frightening her more.

Drive to the hospital after dropping N off at the house. We spent two hours hoping nothing would be too crazy. Finally mobile crisis came and I promised I knew she was safe and would be all right. We get home to find M1 and boytoy in the house, WTF. I finally get them out of my house about an hour later and readily shut the door. We snuggle the baby down and get to bed ourselves. We had had enough tonight. Unfortunately, Baby K was not having it and started screeching at 1:23 in the morning. After a few minutes I figured out the issue and settled her in for the night. Collapsing into bed I was just grateful the house was finally quiet.

Saturday both kids decided they don’t need to listen to me and went about their business despite my requests for cleaning rooms and doing laundry. They ignored me for the entire day and I was too tired to fight them on these stupid details. On Sunday I told them no movie until rooms got cleaned and laundry done and remarkably it happened on Sunday. I returned Baby K to her parents and she did not want to go with them. It pained me to leave her there but I had to. I needed time for me and for my kids without having to care for the Baby. I hated to do it and I knew I had to but still it stunk.

So now its Sunday night and I am exhausted. Its almost 10pm and I need to get some sleep. Hopefully the week will go better but then of course M1 is getting married on Saturday so that is a plus. Friday Baby K will come over and we will have many laughs before I turn her back to her parents again. Two high points for the week, maybe more is possible.

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