Familiar Territory

On Friday N’s school had a tag sale to raise money for charity. The same day, N came home with $60 in her pocket. I asked her about it and she swore up and down a friend gave it to her. Umm no you don’t have any friends really and the ones you do have don’t have access to $60. I email the teacher who lets me know that yes N was on the cash till so most likely took it when things got a bit hectic.

I hate life sometimes…..I know that N is going to be suspended for this as it is her 3d time stealing from school. Yes she deserves consequences but the consequences are a pain in the butt for me to arrange and pay for child care and of course monitoring her. Ugg so freaking aggravated with her but whatever do what I have to do.

The phone call comes in at 9 to come to the school. I wait a bit and then am called into the office. They lay down the law and at first she was listening but then a few minutes into it, she starts to cop an attitude. I am so freaking sick of the attitude and this tough gal persona, no you could not survive in jail, no you cannot hide money from the legal system and no you will not be happy if your butt lands in jail. Well then she tries the “I have impulse control issues, I can’t help myself.” I remind her that if she took the money impulsively and when confronted admitted it and turned it back over that would be impulsive. Taking money, hiding it, then lying about it was not impulsive. OK that made her more irate so I suggested she take a moment and compose her thoughts and calm down. Oooooppps wrong move on my part she flew into a rage and started threatening violence against me. The resource officer (translate police officer) reminded her that she cannot threaten violence and of course N screamed at him she does it all the time and yes she would carry out her threat. The police officer looks at me and said “Do you want to press charges for harassment and threats of violence?” Well that did it and N shut up quick.

So at first she was being talked to gently but then after that outburst the tone of the room changed. N was told she was being referred to the PINS program which is Persons In Need of Supervision and it is a program designed to keep kids out of jail. Didn’t stop M1 from shoplifting and a life time ban from Walmart but heck maybe it will stick with N. N is defiant as defiant can be but remained silent. She was suspended for 5 days and as we went to leave of course she starts running her mouth about all the stuff she is not going to do. I let her talk, whatever she is going to do it and so let her rant. We get into the car and she starts world class raging and threatening to jump out of the car. I speed up and head to the highway, go ahead jump out now fool. No I don’t say that. She rages and rages for a good 10 minutes as I drove around and finally she was quiet. I do a few errands and we head home.

I give her about an hour once we get home so I can compose myself and contact all the workers involved. I then ask her if she can come help me in the garage. She is slow to respond so I basically tell her I really need her help as some of the stuff we are putting out in the trash is heavy and I really didn’t want to hurt myself lifting it. Yes a total lie but whatever it got her out of bed. We spent three hours cleaning the garage up and putting things out for the trash. We found some fun things (toys we forgot) and some gross things (dead mice) but overall a good experience and she was super helpful throughout.

Ugg we have been through this before, please don’t let her turn out to be M1 all over again. Fingers crossed that it will work for her even though I am not sure it will.

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