Roller coaster Ride

“She is going to talk to her supervisor. She is not sure if she is going to make it founded or close the case. She said the lack of supervision is concerning.”

Yes that is the message I got today. I also happened to talk to CPS myself and know that they do need to close the case as it is almost 90 days. They don’t have any medical reports because there are none. I feel like I have said this a million times and when the worker said the pediatric office was giving her attitude I am sure they are, she is demanding records that don’t exist. I am not sure what to tell the worker, I did my best but there is not much left that can be done.

Meanwhile, N decided to get into a fit today over something I would not let her buy. She went on a verbal tirade at me and was down and out rude. I did not respond as I was too aggravated and eventually, she came around and sent an apology email. I say nothing more as I can’t my emotions are all over the place at this point. I let her go to the library after I pick her up from the sitters.

I go to the gym to work out some of this stress and when I get back I get a text from M1, she heard from her friends friend N was in the parking lot of the library taking off her shirt, grabbing two guys by their privates and punching them. Really you have a child grow up. I tell her I doubt that happened and she said that maybe it was a lie. Later she texts me to tell me that the boys who told her were going to get the cops involved. Really pay attention to your child, but no she claims she was just ‘letting me know’. All right whatever but I highly doubt it happened and if it did then N is about to get into craploads of trouble with the cops. Do I think it happened no I don’t but I know M1 lives for drama so the best approach is to not feed into it. If N did do it then of course we will deal with that as required.

OMG I am so tired of this crap. No I have no idea what the truth is but at this point the fact she is stirring up crap just irritates me to no end. I can’t imagine N would do such things but the truth will evade me as both N and M1 automatically lie when confronted. So now we sit and wait. I am not super stressed because I think it is nonsense. Of course tomorrow, I will think if consequences in the off chance it is the truth.

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