Waiting for Something

Well I know the investigation into M1 is ongoing as I saw the pediatrician Wednesday and she assured me that CPS had called her to ask questions. The pediatrician asked me if I had dates of incidents so she could double check the database so I provided them to her. No records were not found.

Meanwhile M1 is planning her wedding. She is getting married on 6/22/19 and yes I will make sure that happens. See once she is married she is no longer my financial responsibility. You can believe I will be there and I will even take some nice pictures for them. Goodbye financial responsibility, you are free to make your own mistakes now and you won’t be able to come back to me or get the system to take money from me. I might start a countdown.

The whole time is is odd though. They clearly do not think the CPS involvement is significant. Both of them are just doing the usual and still joke about “how stupid they (CPS) are” I am shocked and horrified. I am not sure if they realize that right now she is definitely looking like at the least she will be indicated. I mean I provided the texts to me that said the baby was dropped and no one can produce medical records showing treatment was received….I cannot imagine that will go in her favor. Now will they remove Baby K no probably not, my county is notorious for dragging their feet on things like this unfortunately.

So I worry and wait. Anytime I can I will take the baby to care for her while they do whatever it is they do. I will check her from top to bottom each time and make sure she is fed well and gets some time on her “Gramma pedic” for a nap or three. I told CPS they can call me whenever they want and let them know next week we leave for vacation. I have done everything I can and yet it feels like I have done nothing. Wow a tough spot but we can manage with the help of my supports.

Good news is that since M1 has left the other two girls have calmed down and are so much more loving to each other. They are getting along well and doing a much better job at controlling emotions and working things out. So I am truly grateful for that as well. Onward we go. Not sure where this train wreck is going to happen but I will keep watching to pull out the survivors.

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  1. Hi I’m a regular reader and am hoping all is going alright as you havent posted in awhile and I know things were happening when you last blogged.
    Thoughts and prayers going your way xx

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