Unwanted Visitors

Yesterday M1 texted me telling me that “(Baby K) jumped out of (boytoy’s) arms and hit the floor but not hard. (Boytoy) grabbed her by the neck and caught her. She seems all right but she doesn’t want anyone to touch her neck.”

I told her immediately go to the hospital. She wants my friend to come over who is a nurse. I said go to the hospital she says she is afraid of being hotlined. Umm your baby might be hurt go to the hospital. She tells me she is going. I don’t trust her and call the hospital letting the social worker know she is due to come in and this is the second time the baby has been dropped in two months. I am scared for Baby K at this point. When I drive home M2 calls me CPS is in our driveway. I tell her I will be home in about 10 minutes.

The story they tell M1 and I is that someone called about the baby being dropped twice neither time getting care. I didn’t know about the first time they mentioned, I knew about the second time. Yes that would make today the third time if in fact they knew about it but they did not let on if they did or did not. They asked M1 if she had CPS involvement and M1 gets snotty and says “Well obviously I was adopted” Umm no that is not what they meant but I keep my mouth shut, it is not my place. I wasn’t here when the conversation started so maybe more was said. M1 goes to leave to have CPS follow her and suddenly I am hit with a panicked urge. I tap on the window and tell the worker “Call me please”

M1 and boytoy come over with Baby K a bit later on and make light of the visit. They poke fun at the worker who were afraid of the dog (with good reason, she is an angel but looks like a brute) and how stupid they were to investigate something two months old. They carry on as if nothing is the matter. I check Baby K over from head to toe to make sure she is all right and can only see a small red mark on her back. Not sure what it was but no other concerning marks. I am absolutely sick at how lighthearted they are taking this and am horrified that this could be the third dropping that Baby K has experienced in her 5 months.

Today it seemed like eternity before CPS called me back. I told them I was concerned because while I was not there for the first part of the meeting the fact that they were inquiring about something that happened two months ago and not yesterday had me concerned. The worker stated she did not know anything about yesterday so I relayed what M1 had messaged me. The worker asked if I had proof and I said I can send screen shots. I also advised that M1 is a skilled liar and in fact she has had two previous run ins with CPS regarding this baby. I explained the situations and how the last one, referencing mental health, was never followed up on and in fact not acted on by M1 even though she told the worker she did and she had. I told the worker if she asked about yesterday’s fall I was quite sure M1 would deny it ever happened so it literally would be my word against hers but that I had concerns for the baby so I was not willing to keep my mouth shut.

I felt sick to my stomach to be going against my own child like this but then I remembered Baby K’s sweet face. She deserves so much better than this and even though I am not sure what if anything will come of it, at least I know I did my part. Today M1 acted liked nothing was out of the ordinary. She talked about taking Baby K out on a bike ride and was only deterred because I reminded her that (1) Baby K cannot sit up yet unaided and (2) Baby K has no helmet. I am consumed by anxiety over this mess and now await the rage which will follow once M1 finds out that I gave the screen shots to CPS.

Oh well what is done is done and I need to protect Baby K.

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  1. you did the only thing you could do. it’s got to be so hard to watch this happening. I hope baby K will be safe and at least you did what you could do to help make sure of that.

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