Moved Out

It did happen this weekend, well all right Sunday to Monday. M1 and boytoy moved out of the house and into an apartment down the road 3 miles with Baby K. It is a mixed blessing at best. The stress in our house is down to almost nothing. Down side we all miss Baby K, her smiles and her laughter.

When they told me last week they had a place I nearly jumped up and down with joy. I am so tired of the filthy mess they leave everywhere and the general disregard given by M1 to anyone in our family. Boytoy has made some really good changes though. He has gotten his high school diploma and he has gotten a job so these are terrific steps in the right direction. However they also want to have more children and M1 is pregnant again, I cannot support this in my home it is way too disruptive and irrespsonsible.

I got the move in confirmation and immediately ordered things they would needs, cups, plates, bowls, silverware, brooms, dust pans, pots, pans garbage cans/bags, dish soap, towels…yep the whole nine yard as it were. They had pretty much all the basic supplies needed to be sufficient and so out the door you two can go. Boytoy was appreciative of my purchases but M1, well she acted like it was my responsibility. Umm no it is not kiddo and you are lucky that I am helping you at all.

On Sunday they get a truck and we load all the heavy crap into it. They go to his mom’s house and get more heavy crap. We meet at the apartment and I haul it in with him. M1 is of no use and is yelling at everyone. M2 and N took turns taking care of Baby K because M1 was too busy being pissy I suppose. Boytoy thanked me for the help and when we were done we went to dinner and then home to shower and collapse into bed. On the drive home M2 informs me that M1 has told her that “my old room will have the crib in it for Baby K and we are leaving a dresser there for her clothes for when she comes over.” M2 is heart broken. The room was her old room and she only gave it up so that the baby would not wake N as she does not sleep through the night (the rooms downstairs are joined). I assured her M1 was not in control I was and not to worry about it. She still shed some tears.

Monday comes and they tell me they will be there at 9:30. At 11:00 they text me that the baby slept late so they were coming soon. Meanwhile I have loaded up the whole car, cleaned the absolute filth out of the room and piled everything I could not fit in my vehicle in to my living room and dining area. I sit and wait, after washing up. Seriously dirty clothes, food/candy wrappers, used pregnancy tests, dirty diapers you name it all over the floor. So much disgusting nastiness thankfully I have a strong stomach.

They arrive and immediately M1 starts in on me. I shoot her a dirty look and tell her to knock it off or the rest of her crap was getting tossed outside into the mud. We load up the car and the truck they came in to take stuff back. I advise both that they are not leaving a dresser here as it is not necessary nor my responsibility to store stuff for them. I also reminded them that all the stuff in the garage needed to find a home and they claimed they had no options. Trash comes to mind but whatever. M2 comes home from school and goes with me to bring the stuff to the apartment. Baby K wants no part of mommy time and wants Gramma or Daddy. We pass her back and forth while unloading and once all three vehicles were done I get ready to go. M1 shouts to me “Aren’t you going to help us unpack all this stuff?” I reminded her that I had a vestry meeting and that if she had come on time I would have had more time but it is late now and I do not. She got all aggravated again and so M2 and I left.

Tuesday she tells me she is coming over to get some of her stuff. I advise her I will not be home I am going out. She sends me a nasty gram telling me that I had nerve locking my own garage and making it impossible for them to get stuff out. I asked when they told me they needed access to the garage and she got rude so I just dropped it. Tell me you are coming if you want my house or garage open. She demands to know when I will be home on Wednesday so they can come over. When I do get home M2 tells me that M1 was really rude and not nice to her when she found out that she had been moved back up stairs. I remind M2 that I am the boss of the house and that I am not concerned with what M1 feels she can demand of me now that she is out.

I don’t miss the chaos she causes in our house and still frantically tries to cause now that she is out. I don’t miss the constant snippiness and the constant anger because I require she actually do something other than boss around boytoy and demand her sisters help her. Yes they are close by, 3 miles away to be specific so I will still see the baby. Yes I will keep tabs but still I am not upset they are not in my home any longer.

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