Counting My Blessings

From church today, and my favorite part of this prayer:

…Lord grant that I may never seek so much to be consoled as to console. To be understood as to understand. To be loved as to love with all my heart….For it is in giving of ourselves that we receive……

Yes for those that know it is the prayer of St. Francis. We sang that song today in church and I was reminded that I needed to hear after such a tough week. After the prayer I went about my usual after church things and talked to a few people and a few who saw the house post on Facebook came up to me to offer assistance and names of a good roofer. I took names and thanked everyone.

I get home and my BFF calls me. She is coming over with a friend. Another friend messages me that she is sending her husband, a roofer, over to give me an estimate to repair the roof. As I stood in the kitchen throwing all the ingredients in the crock pot my friend’s husband is the first to arrive. He looks at the damage and gives me several things to consider, including the fact I had overlooked. The tree that fell on my house was not actually on my property, it was on someone else’s so there is a chance I can get some help with the deductable I will need to fix the roof.

My BFF arrives next with her buddy R. R works with the local fire department and EMS and brought his chainsaw. He made quick work of cutting up the gigantic tree into smaller pieces that my BFF and I could move to the side of my property out of the way. My BFF then climbed up on top of my roof and put the tarp over the hole as she knew I am terrified of heights and dared not venture out close enough to the edge to do that as I would in all likelihood faint. I handed her the planks to secure it and hooked up the drill so she could use it.

I thanked everyone who came and felt immense gratitude to all of them. They all said the same thing “You would have helped up if we needed it.” and yes they are right I would do whatever I can for my friends. But then I realized how blessed I really was and that I needed to remember this because yes weeks can be hard but to be surrounded by so many folks who love me, well that is priceless.

Thank you everyone who helps me to deal with my life challenges.

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