A Day in NYC

So I like to act and be backgrounds and extras in movies. I also love visiting New York City so there is a lot of positive going on here. Today was one such trip to the city. I took N with me as M1 was going to be home alone and I did not want her instigating N into something foolish.

We head down to Poughkeepsie and take the Metro North in from there. It is not awesome but it is better than going to Southeast where I got my tires slashed last time. N loves the train, she loves subways and she adores the craziness of the city. It was just her and I today as M2 told me she wanted “alone time” with her sister. OK whatever one less kid for me to watch heehee.

The Gateway to Washington Square Park in Commemoration of George Washington.

We went to New York University and we had a ton of fun in Washington Park with the many dogs playing in the dog park section. N loves to pet dogs so she got her fill before the shoot and then we went up to the Kimmel Center and did the shoot for a commercial for the Tribeca Film Festival.

A view looking straight out from the waiting area.
N took this picture out the window looking down. I cannot stand heights so I didn’t dare get to close to the window

The shoot was really short and afterwards we walked around Greenwich Village. We took the subway back to Grand Central and then walked around a comic book store as M2 loves Marvel and N loves graphic novels. We picked up a few momentoes and then we headed home on the train.

It was a lot of fun and I know that N had a good time. Of course there was drama caused by M1 on the ride home but whatever, next time I will take M2 with me as well so M1 can’t start her nonsense.

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