Whirlwind Weekend

Wow things have been a bit of a whirlwind this weekend but it is all good and no nothing horrible just crazy like life sometimes gets. On Friday M1 was good enough to drop N off at respite so I could leave early to go to my parents to spend the night. The next day was The Voice auditions and leaving an hour from their house to NYC is better than having to leave 3 hours from mine. M2 was a bit distraught and called me a few times. She loves her sister but she loves Mommy more so it was hard to be separated from me.

Saturday I got on the train at 4:16am to make it to the city in time for the 7am doors open. The lines were long but it was soo exciting waiting to audition for a TV show. Now mind you I sing all right but I had no ideas I would make the show. Spoiler alert I did not. But anyway the line was full of interesting people and I have to say I enjoyed every minute of the 5 hour experience. When I auditioned I did all right. I was not happy with how I did because I realized too late I picked the wrong song. Oh well it happens and if I do it again now I know. Loved meeting all the people though and having never been to the Javits Center before it was a good time for sure.

Once you were tagged you could not leave the main area. You were told when you could use the bathroom and where to wait to audition.

Came back to the train station and found someone had slashed one of my tires. Not sure who was mad at a blue van but roadside had to be called. Did I mention that I live in NY and “snowmagedon” was coming. We were expecting 18-24 inches of snow and while I can drive in it I was miserable I had to travel on a donut tire. My father talked me down off the ledge and of course offered to come get me but I had roadside assistance and the young man who helped me out was a real gem. So grateful to him for his pleasant demeanor and quick assistance. I did manage to get home after a really long three hour drive and made it safely. The snow had just started falling and so I traveled in someones tracks ahead of me the whole way home.

Sunday I got new tires and picked up N from respite. She was being super helpful to the respite worker and had even cleaned out her car and helped her to shovel it out of the driveway. She said she had a chill weekend and looked happy to be coming home. We went home and M2, boytoy and I all shoveled out the driveway for real. Thank goodness again for snow blowers and shovels. We got it done pretty quick which was good because it was starting to get colder and we were all feeling it by the end so we came in and enjoyed hot chocolate that M1 had made for us.

Monday turned out to be bitter bitter cold. It was -8 degrees without the wind chill. I told M2 I was going to the gym as I am in a contest to see who can have the most “radical body transformation” for a fitness show airing this December. I am seriously overweight, like to to the tune of 100 pounds and want to make a difference so when I was accepted in the show, I was assigned a trainer and off we go. M2 said she wanted to come with because she is old enough now to use the weight room. We had a great time lifting weights and learning about calories and other healthy things. M2 kept saying she wanted chips when she was done but when we told her it would cost her 15 more minutes on the bike she decided a banana would be a better choice. She was super proud of herself and she decided she wants to go again when we go so she can “get big muscles.”

So a lot of fun but a lot of running around. Hopefully M2 sticks with the fitness thing with me and yes we will drag N along next time. I am looking forward to training with both of them and of course getting myself “jacked” yes I am kidding, my goal is to lose weight and gain muscle but “jacked” could be a bonus.

My new water bottle compliments of my BFF.

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