Honeymoon is Over

Last night I managed to get N, M2 and myself ready to go back to Tae Kwon Do after a hiatus because I had hurt my foot. Well they had gained a bunch of weight as well so it was sort of important we all go back. I am getting it all organized, you know gear, uniforms and water bottles when M1 announces that she, Baby K and boytoy are coming. I sigh but don’t have time to protest, should have protested. Boytoy and I go to the car to get Baby K situated and shortly thereafter I hear a tell tale scream from N.

M1 and M2 come out of the house while I hear N raging like a freaking lunatic. The tell tale scream is one where someone has put hands on her. She tells me between horrific screams, swearing and dodging her swings that M1 smacked her upside the head twice. It takes me a few minutes but I get her calm and put her in the front seat. I ask M1 what happened and her version matches except for the part where N got slapped upside the head. I know she is lying, because I heard N give her tell tale scream. I am furious that she lies to my freaking face but no I don’t confront her because I know that she will cause a scene. Oh that and I am beyond pissed at her.

I send N and M2 into the dojang and corner M1 and boytoy. I looked her dead in the eye and said “You are to NEVER EVER lay a hand on N for any reason in the world. You keep your freaking hands to yourself because I am done with your crap and lies.” She starts to tell me she didn’t hit N and I stop her and continue “You are now 18 years old and I don’t know what did or did not happen when I was not in the house but here is what I do know. If she goes to school tomorrow and tells the school you put hands on her they will call CPS and then they will be breathing down your neck. Can you afford that right now?” She tried to play innocent and I again cut her off and said “Look it is convenient you have no witnesses to your side of the story. If it happens again, whether it did or not I will make the call myself and have your a** arrested. Keep your hands OFF N am I freaking clear!!” No I did not say freaking but you get the idea.

I went into the dojang and saw M1 glaring at all of us but did not care. The three of us went through the class and got a really good work out. At some point M1 stopped glaring and chilled out. N calmed herself down and apologized for the hateful things she said when angry and M2 admitted she had fun. I still could not talk I was too aggravated at the fact M1 deliberately did what she did when I was not around. No not surprised but aggravated. When getting changed M1 decided to buy both M2 and N some candy. Classic move she knew she was wrong and decided to buy off N so she would not tell on her. It was sad in a way but it definitely let me know that my suspicions were correct and M1 had in fact hit N.

Today N got in trouble for stealing a pack of gum, nope not surprised. M1 acted like she didn’t do anything wrong and emptied out the dishwasher and bought me my favorite ice cream. Yep buying off my affections for sure but no worries it won’t work. M2, well she was exhausted from tae kwon do and a day of school slept soundly for the afternoon. Sigh I knew it would be tough but hopefully my promise to turn her in for hitting N will work. Of course if it does not I will turn her in because guess what you can’t buy my silence or cooperation.

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