Winter Fun

OK so I have been venting a ton lately, thanks for reading. We did have a lot of fun today first with snow tubing at a spot just north of us. M1, M2, N, boytoy and my BFF all went and a great time was had by all. It was chilly but not so much so you regretted it as you sped down the mountain face.

No worries Baby K was in the capable hands of her biological Aunt E, who long time readers remember as the young woman I mentored so many years ago.

I then took my BFF, M2 and N to something called Winterlights Naumkeag in Stockbridge Mass. We had never been before but I am nuts for Christmas lights and this place did not disappoint for sure!!!

We did not take Baby K and her parents as it was chilly out and since we had never been here before we were not sure if it was stroller friendly. Instead we took pictures and posted on social media so they could vicariously visit with us.

Got home way to late and exhausted but it was all good. Baby K was kind enough to stay up for me so all was not lost LOL.

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