Christmas Chronicle

I am so grateful Christmas is over and some of the nonsense has stopped. I promise for days I felt like I was the driver of the crazy bus and the main passengers were my own family both kids and parents!!!!

Friday Baby K comes to visit. Now Mom and Dad don’t have any money for gas so I go to get her from the seedy motel they are staying in. I get there and it looks like an episode of Cops waiting to happen. The room is crammed with stuff and far from child friendly. I don’t go inside as DSS said no visitors and M1 meets me in the driveway with Baby K. We put her in the car seat and M1 relays that the baby has not been sleeping very well they are not sure why. OK good to know, asked about last fed and changing and we were off to my house.

Saturday N is at respite and so it is M2, Baby K and I so we go food shopping, make a quick stop at church and do some other silly errands. We then came home and binge watched all the Christmas shows we could find on Netflix. Baby K bounced in her swing, got her fill of formula and of course was loved on till she could not take anymore. No issues sleeping the night previously, in fact she slept from 11pm-4:30am so I was happy that all was well. We put her to bed at 10pm and M2 runs off to bed and I figure I should get some sleep too. Well Baby K is not having it after about 2 hours She is fussy fussy fussy!!! I cradle her in my arms and she falls asleep. I put her in the crib she cries….little stinker got held for several hours just to be sure she got enough sleep, Gramma on the other hand…well she has coffee.

Sunday we clean the house and pick up N from respite. We go home, clean the house some more and do tons of laundry. Around 12:30 boytoy and M1 arrive and start to bring crap loads of stuff into our house. They have no place to stay until Wednesday so they are with us (yes arranged previously). We help them get their stuff in and organized and then they want to take off to do some last minute shopping. They take M2 with them and N refuses to do anything so whatever we let her be. I get some of the meal prep started and realize that I am missing a jar (quarter filled) of peanut butter. M1 and boytoy were not around long enough to take it and M2 was on my couch cuddled with me all morning/afternoon til she left. Only culprit….N. I call down and tell her to bring up the jar of peanut butter. I let her know that I know she has it and I need it. After two prompts she brings it upstairs empty. I asked her why she stole and she said she was hungry. I reminded her that when she had mentioned that earlier I had suggested getting some fruit. She said she knew that but didn’t want fruit so she stole the peanut butter. I wanna scream but don’t because it won’t help. I sent her to her room and let her know in no uncertain terms I am aggravated with her.

Christmas eve I have to work a part day. M2 comes to the office to me and has a great deal of fun watching videos while N slept in and boytoy and M1 took care of baby. Baby was up once at 3:30 and then again at 7 so not a bad night for them over all. M1 texts me and lets me know the police might come to my house because her friends were accusing her of stealing but they did not steal blah blah. See what I don’t miss? I tell her she should return whatever and regardless, since they were threatening legal action to do the right thing. We get home and find that the three had gone out of the house to return the “stolen” items. Well on a positive note the police won’t come to my house on a negative note M1 remains largely unchanged. We go to service and it was lovely. The girls sang a Christmas song with the kids in the parish and I did the readings. Our whole family, boytoy included lit the candles for the Advent wreath. Baby K was mostly good and did not fuss too much. We go home and ordered pizza for dinner and they wrapped presents while I held the sleepy baby.

An hour or so later Baby K is up and she is NOT HAPPY. She fussed and fussed as all the kids took turns trying to make her happy. She would be content for a minute or so then go back go fussing. She was fed, changed and sang to all with no avail. It was getting late and both M2 and N were tired so I told them to go to bed and let the parents deal with it. Parents tried everything as I was in the kitchen prepping stuff for Christmas dinner, I suggested they feed her and they did. She quieted down for about 15 minutes then the screaming started. OK Baby K has a LOUD voice when she wants something. Parents tried to calm her down for several very long minutes while I finished wrapping the presents. M1 got aggravated and slammed the door thrusting Baby K to boytoy to deal with. Boytoy looked helpless as he had not clue why she was crying so loudly. I take her and look her over thinking maybe a thread cut her skin, a toenail is bent backwards…something. Suddenly she stops crying. I look at her for a moment and she closes her eyes and goes to sleep. I hold her for awhile and then put her in her crib. If I don’t make Santa come soon lots of disappointed faces on Christmas.

Christmas morning they are up early and I am cursing under my breath. Yes I am glad they are happy about Christmas but another hour would be good. We open presents and everyone is in a relatively good mood. I go to cook the meal and boytoy and M1 clean up the house. They take out the garbage and sweep up the leftover stuffing from the dog’s toy. When there is a break in the cooking M1 comes over to me and says “Can boytoy and I come live with you instead of going back to the hotel?” I remind her he is in school and has a job. She confides in me he has been fired and is willing to transfer to our local high school to finish his studies. I remind her she hates the fact I have rules and she promises to do a better job following them. I remind her all the awful things she has said about us and our family and she says nothing. M2 then comes over to me and says “Mommy I want M1 to come home again. I promise I will be good and use the punching bag when she gets me angry.” N says she wants M1 back too and misses her so I am torn. I don’t miss her all that much but I also know that where she is living is crap and scaring the hell out of her. Ugggg I need an adult.

After a wonderful meal and time with my bestie, M1 and boytoy go to see his family. While they are out I talk to both girls about the reality of M1 returning and both relay they really want her back. When they return I let them know they are welcome at the moment to stay to see if it will work. They need to get jobs though that counter each other so they can both watch the baby while the other works. The seem agreeable and promise to work it out. They are reminded of my hatred for drama and their need to contribute to the household and both promise they will. In their defense they had been for the last couple of days sometimes with me asking other times without. I fed Baby K while they arranged the room and got to throwing things out. I went to bed and prayed like it was my job that I had not made the wrong decision…..we shall see……

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