A Turn in Events

I have had a headache now for about six days. The headache comes from clenching my jaw and trying to keep my stuff together during the antics of my oldest. Things have taken a turn for the odd so I will explain.

In the midst of her trying to file for child support against me I was watching Baby K as it was the weekend and they were both working. Now it turns out that M1 sprained her ankle and was not at work but for whatever reason they did not tell me that when they dropped the kiddo off for me to care for. M1 calls me on Sunday and is distraught. I have Baby K so I don’t panic and I ask her what is wrong. She tells me that the people in the room next door (they are living in a motel at the moment) are getting violent and she can hear a man hitting a woman and maybe a child. I tell her hang up and call the police immediately. Lock your door and don’t open it unless the police say its them. Thankfully she listens.

She video chats me later that night and tells me she doesn’t want Baby K to live in these circumstances. I just listen after all I don’t want it either but clearly she is not listening to me. After a few minutes I reminded her a couple of things (1) she can come home with Baby K or (2) she and boytoy can consider giving me temporary custody while they get on their feet. I watched her closely as I mentioned the options and she looked exhausted but did not rear up in typical fashion when confronted. She said no and I said ok but understand your options.

Monday morning after the wringer episode and child support paperwork I get a text from her. “Boytoy and I want to consider giving you custody” I call her and talk to her for awhile. She seems sincere but with her long history of lying I cannot tell especially over the phone when I can’t see her face. I call my lawyer ask her to draw up the paperwork, by Monday night I had it. I printed a copy and brought it to them at the same truck stop. At first they disdained it and I thought it was done. Then M1 says to me “Well we aren’t doing anything until we have CPS look at it. You know just to be sure.” I nonchalantly answer her “Fine show whoever you want. Sign it don’t sign it whatever decision you make you make.”

I get a text this morning “When are we going to court?” I am confused she clarifies and says for custody. I tell her we all have to sign the paperwork first, then give it to my lawyer and then it will be filed and eventually a court date set. I further explain that once we all sign the paperwork, they can at that time give Baby K to me to care for or they can wait for a date. I hear nothing back and try not to panic. I get another text “DSS has to come look at your house.” OK I was sure this was going to happen (if they signed) so I was not surprised and relayed that. She then asked if she could stay with us from Sunday to Wed of Christmas week and I agree. Next text was asking if they could redo her room into Baby K’s room when they were staying with us. I agreed. Final text for the morning “DSS might not go after you for child support since you said you would take Baby K.”

Now I am not sure what is really going to happen or not. They did clarify they knew where to get the paperwork notarized and they would bring it to me. Baby K has a doctor appointment so maybe its tomorrow, maybe not but we shall see. Trying hard not to hope too much but thankful at least they are considering it.

4 thoughts on “A Turn in Events

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      1. Wow. I guess everyone saw this coming but it’s still difficult. They may be aware that they won’t be able to retain custody. I hope this goes smoothly for all of your sakes. Hang in there!

  1. well, I think we all knew you would end up with the baby. I’m pleasantly surprised it’s by their consent instead of otherwise, and that it’s happening before the baby endures too much chaos and trauma living with her parents. Hopefully they will get it together one day, but in the meantime I’m glad the little one will be safe with you.

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