Irony and fury

Last week M1 texted me and said we had a problem. DSS was telling her she had to file paperwork against me and J to collect child support against us. You see since she is under 21 according to NYS law I am financially responsible for her. So yes she is within her right to file for child support against me.

I try to talk to her about other options, she won’t hear me. I try to point out what she can do to change her circumstances and she refuses to listen. All she hears is she can “sue me for money.” I reach out to my  lawyer to find out what my options are and I try to run those past M1 as well. Its as useless as talking to a brick wall. She thinks she can have the government force me to sign over a check of more than $700 per month. I am too tired to be angry, too frustrated to put effort into this any more. The child has run me through the wringer and does not care about anyone but herself. I am beside myself with fury.

Now I am not too tired to fight, just not fighting with her. I did talk to my lawyer and my child forgot a few critical things. The first thing is that she moved out of my house of her own free will and so therefore declared herself emancipated. If she is emancipated I am not financially responsible for her. I have the five emails I sent to her telling her she can come back to the house and live with us and the four responses where she says nope (one was today). Ok kiddo you are now choosing your circumstances I am pretty sure I don’t have to pay for it. I also have 2 disabled children living in my home, you may get money out of me but probably not the full amount. Oh and the irreparable damage you have caused to our relationship at this point, well there is no money going to fix that sorry kiddo.

I feel like I am on a nightmare rollercoaster. No matter how nice I am to her, she treats me like a piece of garbage. No matter how many times I do the right thing she finds a way to attack again. The final straw was yesterday when she asked me to help her fill out the paperwork to file for child support. I sat there and helped her fill it out and the entire time I wanted to scream at her WTF ARE YOU DOING!!!!!!! I said nothing though because Baby K was there. I bottled up the emotions and darn near made myself sick from swallowing all the rage. I pointed out how I was helping her to take legal action against me and the irony of it and she just stared at me like I didn’t matter. I realized then I really don’t matter to her.

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