Learning to Balance

I love M1 I really do but her antics exhaust me and this weekend was no exception. Per usual I had Baby K from Friday to Sunday. I should have learned my lesson of Friday, I did not so I paid for it yesterday and today. Allow me to explain.

Friday I was driving so I asked M2 to text her sister and ask what time she was dropping off Baby K. A friend of mine owns a restaurant and was celebrating an anniversary so I told him we would come. M1 is vague and so I relay through M2 that I really need a time. Well that peeved M1 to no end and she got bratty with M2 even though M2 was clear in relaying I had asked. Sooo she facetimes me and I explain that I am going out to my friend’s restaurant so would the baby be coming with us or dropped off when we came home. She said before and asked if she and boytoy could come. I should have said no but instead I said yes.

M1 and M2 argued the entire 40 minute drive to the restaurant. It was times like this I don’t miss. I get both of them to sit silently as we pull into the driveway. I remind everyone that these were my old friends and that their antics would not be tolerated in any shape or form. They all agreed to put on their civilized human faces. We go to order and boytoy tells me he will pay for his and M1’s dinner, ok fine it is a bit pricey but whatever sure. They each order $35 steaks. No not kidding but I say nothing as they were paying so whatever. Dinner was excellent and then the bill comes. Well boytoy and M1 announce that they didn’t know that the 35 after the meal was the price and they don’t have the money. You got it I had to foot the bill. They offered a round of apologies but I was livid at the least.

We get home and they leave. I go to change Baby K and M2 looks in the diaper bag and tells me there are no more diapers. I ask her to check all the pockets, she does and sure enough no there are no diapers. Now I have them at the house but that is not the point, your child you should provide me with what I need to care for her. Well pull out the wipes and realize there is also no diaper rash cream. Baby K has a wicked diaper rash how did you not put this in there….I tell M2 to make up a bottle and you guessed it not enough formula for a bottle either. The unkind words I thought would give me confession for a month if I was still Catholic. Well I don’t have diaper rash cream and so I clean her up super well and pray for the best. I do have a container of formula though so all is not lost.

Saturday we go out and first thing I buy diaper rash cream. I take the girls to the mall so we can walk around and enjoy the displays, the sales and the commotion for a good cause. We have a great time and everyone does really well even Baby K. I rewarded the behavior with frozen yogurt for M2 and N and a bottle for Baby K. Life is good, this was fun. We come home and watch a bunch of Christmas movies passing around Baby K so we all had some baby time. You guessed it poopy diaper was my special time with her LOL.

Sunday after church we put up the tree. M2 started to get teary eyed when the ornaments that she and her sister had made when they were younger. I told her we did not have to hang those if it made her sad we can just put them away. She admitted she was sad and we talked about it for a bit. Eventually we decided to put the ornaments away so we did not look at the tree and become sad. Baby K loved the lights and M2 seemed to work through her emotions so it was good until M1 returned for the baby….grrr….

As soon as she walks in she demands to know where her ornaments were. I show her the box I had put them in and she starts going through the rest of the ornaments. I told her all her ornaments were in the box and any missing ones were probably in her room. She decided the handmade ones with the pictures need to go on the tree, M2 starts to cry and I tell M1 no they were not going on this year. M1 takes them and puts them in her bag claiming they were hers anyway so she was going to take them to her house. M2 goes downstairs and I take the dog outside to do his business and calm myself down. Soon after M1 comes barreling out the door and screams that someone has been stealing her make up. Now I know M2 went in there so I suspect it is her. I tell her I will talk to M2 in a minute when the dog was done and she says “I was going to leave now” Umm ok then go without the makeup.

I get inside and M2 is on a rampage. She is screaming and raging out of control. M1 has the look on her face of ‘yep I started it again’ and I want to retaliate but for M2’s sake I need to keep my  stuff together and calm her down. I work to calm M2 down and eventually she calms herself. She admits she hid it so N could not find it and then goes upstairs to show M1 where it would be. I come up the stairs a short time later and boytoy stops to show me his newest tattoo. Between the two of them they have spent $300 on tattoos…but wait you don’t have money for formula, diapers and rash cream WTF. I go to M1’s room and M1 says “You know I am sick of everyone always stealing from me. I am going to pack up my shit and take it with me.”  I look at her and simply say “Do you want help putting it in the truck because I will help you?” She shot me a death look and stormed out the door, ok whatever I would help you pack your stuff really I would.

She texts me at 12:34am and no I did not get it then I saw it this morning. “(boytoy) and I are going to see if DSS will get us a hotel room. We are leaving this place. Can we store some of Baby K’s stuff at your house?” I responded no and she wanted to know why. I explained that she just got pissed that we all steal from her and I was not willing to be responsible for any more of her stuff. So she tells me she will buy a padlock I can put on her room door and she will give me a key so it can be locked. I tell her no she spends the rest of the day telling me all about the mouse infestation and sending me photos of how much of a mess they made and how they were in the baby’s crib. Umm mice don’t bother me and you opted to live there. If you wanted better living conditions for yourself you should have stayed home. I want to call DSS myself but I am not sure I can hotline a rodent problem and more over if I do then will she know it was me that did it or do others know about the mouse problem….I am not sure.

Its a tough line to walk. I know I have to look out for Baby K’s best interest but at the same time I am sick to death of M1’s drama and being used. I have a half a mind to go into her room myself, box up all her stuff and move it to the locked garage. There now no one can get into your stuff. I know childish and immature but honestly it is how I feel. I don’t know if I should hotline her or not so I will talk to my counselor tomorrow about the reality which is that I know she would deny it up and down even though I have the texts saying otherwise.

Oh well at least Saturday was fun and if I have not aggravated M1 too much by not giving into her whims I will see Baby K again this weekend.

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