My “New” Life

I have almost fallen off the grid thanks to my new life as I know it. I will catch you up to date and yes it is mostly good so no worries.

Baby K spends Fridays to Sundays at my house now while M1 and boytoy work at a tree farm during the holiday season. I offered to sit for a range of reasons, most of which are M1’s mental health and stability and saying “I will take her so you can work” seemed like the nicest way to present “I am taking her because you are in rough shape and need help”. Baby K is still a wonderfully easy baby and we all dote on her just a bit, well all right maybe more than a bit, but she really is sweet and super easy to care for. At six weeks old she has mastered diaper blow outs and refusing to sleep except in my arms. Sooo all said and done she is doing well.

M1, well she still needs to get her head out of her arse. She decided to break up with boytoy initially then he went and bought her a tattoo for $150. Now remember she is relying on me and J for diapers and formula but this is money we are going to spend. She worked a weekend and bought herself a new phone then texted me to complain WIC will not cover Similac only Enfamil. Sometimes it takes herculean efforts to keep my mouth shut about how foolish she is being because when I mention it to her she blows me off. Soooo what can I do not provide diapers and formula…..sigh catch 22 if ever there was one.

N is doing fair at this point. She just had an incident at school where she took a tablet home without permission. She tried to hide it from me but she was so clearly obvious that it only took me a day to figure it out. Since it was the second time that she has taken a tablet the school suspended her for a day and I made sure that day was the longest most painful day she ever spent with me. Additionally the school told her the next time they are pressing charges for theft and she will be arrested. It is a fair punishment as N knows what she did was wrong and so there are consequences for wrong choices.

She has been struggling a lot lately though because her birth mom is blowing her off. Her Mom is supposed to schedule a visit with me and it has been a year and despite regularly talking to the Grandmother on the phone, the family refuses to set a date. N of course is crushed and does not understand why they don’t want to see her. N’s mother is challenged a bit as well and its probably just to hard on her to have to deal with the fact she decided to leave one child in the system and raise the other two. I feel for N, I really do but the behaviors I have to deal with make me a bit aggravated at her mother too.

M2 has also been struggling with birth family issues. She has frequent contact with the man who we believe is her birth father, though we are not 100% positive. She is conflicted about having parents other than me and can’t understand why after so many years, now he wants something to do with her and her sister (Mom has always been in the picture). The reason is simple, M1 stirred the pot and got everyone up in arms but whatever  you can’t really explain that to someone who has limited abstract thinking. Her father has been really good though and takes things at her lead without pressuring her too much one way or another so I do appreciate that tremendously.

On a positive note though but kids really do help with the baby and M2 has no issue changing a pee diaper and feeding the baby so I can do other things. We spend time doing silly and fun things like the festival of trees or watching really bad Christmas movies and chilling on the couch. They help wrap family Christmas gifts and every now and again I spoil them with junk food for dinner.

So it has been a bit crazy and yet not awful for the last few weeks.

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