The Baby K Sleepover

On Friday night I invited boytoy, M1 and Baby K to a sleep over at my house. I told the parents that  I would be on the night shift and take care of all of the baby’s needs so they could get some rest. They were at first skeptical but agreed and I was relieved that they finally said yes.

They arrived on Friday and M2 was beside herself with joy. She loves Baby K and wants to hold her, feed her and love all over her. N was a bit more reserved. Of course having been traumatized by M1 for the first part of her time with us I did not blame her but she too was thrilled to see Baby K. I made a nice dinner and we all enjoyed the meal while Baby K slept having drank the bottle M2 had given her. We had a nice conversation about stuff in general and everyone was cordial and polite. We watched Hotel Transylvania 3 and I took care of Baby K whenever she made a peep.

The kids went to bed and I took the night shift. Baby K is an amazing baby. She sleeps for two hour blocks almost like clockwork. She drinks her two ounces of formula, smiles a bit then crashes again. Super easy to care for and very cuddly. She got mad at me for putting her in the bassinet so she fussed up a storm. She would fall asleep in my arms and I had to wait a good solid 30 minutes to put her in the bassinet or I would hear the peeps of “oh no I don’t think so” from the bassinet. I did not mind though she really was an easy to care for baby.

Next morning boytoy went to work, N went to respite and M2 and I took turns feeding and loving on Baby K. M1 emerged from the bedroom around 11am and got some breakfast. She appeared to have slept well so that was good. She talked with M2 for a bit, then went back into her room to text friends. At some point she came out and took Baby K for a bit before handing her off to me so she could get something more to eat. We watched TV and loved some more on the baby. When N came home she helped care for the baby but still did not want a whole lot to do with  her. I gave her space because who knows  how all this is impacting her. She didn’t say much and did not seem angry so maybe it is just awe but she was good and helpful so I won’t worry too much about it.

We ate dinner and my BFF came over for a visit. M1 got frustrated because Baby K would not take a bottle. I picked her up and fed her and this seemed to aggravate her a bit and she just kept saying “I’m done I’m just freaking done” A little disturbing no doubt but maybe more frustration that the baby is more relaxed with me as I tend to be more laid back in nature. I finished up the laundry that M1 had brought and as they packed to go I reminded M1 that the baby should only have 1-2 ounces of formula at a time. She said J kept telling her 4 but my friend and the midwives backed up the 1-2 ounces at a time as she is just a bitty thing right now.

M1 then picked a fight with M2 so I was glad they were leaving. She got M2 screaming and yelling to the point of needing interception from me. Thank goodness my BFF was there to hold the baby as it was completely chaotic. I basically shoved the two of the out of the house at that point and told them they can visit next weekend if they wanted. M1 said a bunch of really crappy things to M2 and I admonished her for not being the bigger person and walking away.

OK so not much has changed except now a baby is here to witness the instability of her mother and the helplessness to stop it from her grandmother….fantastic.

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