Never have I ever…

OK apparently there is a game called Never Have I Ever. Well I learned it was a drinking game which explains why I don’t know what it was and just at the age of 50 learned about it. So each person has to say something they have done and the others who have done it have to take a drink. Good thing we did not have to play this game when M1 was giving birth and here is why……Never have I ever

The bad:

  • sat through 36+ hours of labor with someone
  • been cursed and sworn at loudly in a public place by my own child
  • stayed with someone I can’t stand for 72 hours at someone else’s request
  • had to tell my child yes it hurts no I am not going to do something to stop it
  • had my hand squeezed so hard and long I lost feeling in my fingers

The good

  • been a birth coach
  • held a leg while birthing was happening
  • cut the umbilical chord of a human child
  • held an infant 20 minutes old

Of course had you asked a 20 year old ANYM what her plans were pretty sure Grandma at 50 would also have never hit the radar. Oh heck even kids was a question I was just starting my career with the military and while I had a steady boyfriend I sure as heck was not putting my career dreams aside.

So never have I ever considered I would have to coach my teenage daughter through pregnancy and now child rearing. She contacted me today in tears she feels like a failure, she is tired, she is an idiot, she can’t handle all this….sweetheart it hasn’t even been a week of sleep deprivation and it was your first night alone. I know having a kid is hard and stressful I told anyone who would listen I am very concerned about M1 and post partum depression. I supported and loved her as much as I could. I then hated on myself for being angry with her that I am forced to encourage her when it is all her fault she is in this mess. I know I know un-Christian for sure.

I asked her to come home tomorrow with boytoy for the night for a sleepover. I told her I would take Baby K and care for her so both of them could get some sleep. Baby K is being bottle fed so this is possible and thankfully for both of us she agreed. See I checked in with my counselor and she only advised that I should have as much contact with the baby as possible to keep eyes on for safety sake.

No never had I ever thought this would be how this went.

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  1. Such an awesome experience being a birth coach. To cut the cord and hold a brand new baby girl makes for a special bond with baby girl. Xx

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