Giving Birth

I am a Grandmother. She was born at 3am on Monday 10/22/18. Mother and baby are doing well. She weighed 7.4 pounds and was 21 inches long. Her name is Baby K. Well no it isn’t but yes for my purposes it is.

I was there from the induction on Saturday till the birth on Monday. No sleep for the entire time as the labor was miserable for M1. I wanted to feel bad for her but when you have 2 medical professionals and your mother telling you induction is not a good idea and you blow them off, well my sympathy for you has waned. Her birth plan included a natural birth in the water and turned out to be one with an epidural and other in sundry meds to keep her calm as she was a basket case the entire time. She screamed and yelled at every stinking twinge and the nurses got to the point where they said “Look you will wait 30 minutes before calling us unless your Mom determines this is medically necessary.” She was not happy with that but compliant finally. But lordy lordy the hours ticking by and me wanting to smack boytoy for being so foolish.

I ended up holding a leg during delivery and coaching then cutting the chord when boytoy passed out after the birth. I sort of felt bad for him but then I just laughed because how can you be an EMT if you are going to pass out at this scene. I know its different when it’s your own but I did chuckle to myself I cannot lie. I held her for a bit after birth and it was weird to see something so tiny. She is beautiful of course and will no doubt be well loved by all of our family despite the angst the teen pregnancy has caused all of us.

CPS was called on Monday night to report the shambles of the house. They lied on Tuesday when being interviewed. Said neither has police involvement, they never fight and the house was clean. Boytoy then raced home to clean. They only good part is that they admitted that boytoy’s mom drank during the day and that M1 has mental health issues. I did talk to the social worker at the hospital as M1 seems to stare vacantly at her daughter but of course there is not much I can do except express my fears to the folks involved and hope desperately that something happens. I am terrified for Baby K and at this point I do know one more person hotlined them as she too had concerns after seeing M1 with the baby.

I am worried sick that something will happen to the baby but no not concerned they will do anything to harm her intentionally. I can see her being neglected because M1 is too involved in all other things that are not child care because having a child is work and she doesn’t like to work. I can see the fights about what M1 is doing between her and boytoys’s Mom getting out of control with yelling and screaming with Baby K caught in the middle. I see horrible things happening but cannot really stop any of it because since none of it has happened you can’t report suspicions.

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  1. Patience is hard. This is your grand baby. I have a strong suspicion that you’ll be raising her very soon. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I don’t know if you’ve read my blog lately but yikes I’m scared of similar things right now. Hugs.

  2. Congratulations on becoming a grandma. It is still an occasion to celebrate despite the circumstances. I agree with Herding Chickens that you will probably be raising gorgeous girl Bubba x

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