The Counselor’s Office

This morning I got to start my day in the counselor’s office at the middle school. M2 is being defiant and well we can’t have that at school. Yes she is defiant at home but I have better resources than the school to get her back on track.

So at the crack of the school day I sit with the teacher, the counselor and the school psychologist. I am tired of this scene, mostly because of M1 and all the issues she gave me. Don’t get me wrong, they are all good people but when they talk to you about needing to find “solutions” all I can hear is impending suspension….ugg. But no as M2 is readily identified as special needs this meeting was to discuss whether we had academically done the right thing when they placed her in a different class away from her beloved Mrs. Mac.

I hear the counselor out basically we can’t have M2 shutting down and sitting in the halls. It is a safety issue and the fact she refuses to listen to the principal is well a huge issue. I get it and I agree. We all know that M2 does not do well with transitions and it takes about 6 weeks for her to get into the swing of things, we are on week 4. Yes it is wrong and yes it needs to stop but on a positive note she is not running down the hall like two years ago so can we get points for progress. They begrudgingly agree.

So then the counselor asks “How much of this has to do with M1 and her life choices?” I sigh heavily a lot of it does. M2 is nervous about being an Aunt and worries constantly for M1 despite reassurances she is fine and regular talking with her. M1 has also taken to telling M2 that their birth father may be at the hospital with her and she would have to meet him. This sends M2 over the edge and despite me asking her several times to stop talking about it M1 loves drama and stirs it up every chance she gets.  I relay to the trio that no the Dad is not a bad guy and that at some point when M2 is ready they will in fact meet but for now they will chat on Facebook and leave it at that.

We then talk about gym class which is the bane of M2s existence. I asked how big the class was and they tell me 60 kids. You are kidding right?!?!?! My daughter is autistic and you put her in a sensory overload and then ask her to function??? I was floored and said it had to be changed there was no way she could function in that class and we had set her up for failure. They say that the only other class is below her but smaller, I don’t care she is shutting down and putting others at risk that class needs to go. It was agreed with some discussion and then M2 was brought in.

She agreed to talking to the counselor more and to listen to the principals. We gave her the option to take alternate PE and she readily agreed and even seemed happy. We talked about listening and she agreed she would do a better job. M2 also admitted she did like her teacher, science class and tech and that gym was the only class she hated.

Sooo hopefully  the defiance ends but with all the changes in the pipe who the heck knows…oh well for today we are good.

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