Baby Shower Blow Ups

Last weekend M1’s birth family threw her a shower. It was held in a local park and was a cook out complete with cupcakes and cake. The cupcakes and cake really looked cute I will tell you that but oh boy what a day it was…

41822489_552679545203186_5654508321323876352_n (1)

M1’s Aunt L made the cake and I was impressed she really put some thought and effort into it so I made sure to thank her. At one point L called me over and asked if she could talk to me. I said sure and we walked a bit out of the way. L told me that M1 had told her that the police had already told her if they are called back to this house and the baby is there they will remove the baby. I was dumb founded. L wanted me to know and asked why I had told M1 she could not move back home again. I assured her I had never said that and that M1 was lying for sympathy and attentions. L sighed and said “Holy crap she is turning into (her birth mother)” Yes, yes she is. Shortly after that M1’s Great Aunt H came over and was talking to me. She relayed concerns that M1 was doing EXACTLY what (birth mom) had done when she was this age. Yes I know but somehow I am helpless to stop the cycle.

M2 then came up to me and offered me a piece of garlic bread I told her no thank you as I was not hungry. I saw M1 laughing and asked what I had missed. She laughed harder and said “I bet boytoy that you would eat it if M2 gave it to you. It fell on the ground.” and she dissolved into laughter. I looked at her and said “So let me get this straight. You were going to see if I ate something that fell on the ground as a bet? I failed to realize today’s goal was to humiliate me in front of your family. I will take me leave then. Please drop M2 off when you are done.” Both Aunt L, Aunt E and Great Aunt H came down hard on M1, how could she be so rude and disgusting. Why was she being a jerk? I told them I had to go and went to leave. M2 burst into tears and announced she was going to leave too. I told her she could stay but 2 hours in the blazing sun was too much for me and I needed to go. She came with me sobbing the whole way.

In the car M2 sobbed about how awful M1 was behaving and how rude she was being. She cried for several minutes about how “mean” M1 was trying to trick people and making them embarrassed. While calming her down I get a text from Aunt E, “so glad you left everyone started swearing and fighting once you were gone. Glad you did not have to see it I will send pictures later.” What a hot mess and yep M1 fits right in. She was probably the start of some of it I figured but honestly did not care.

Later M1 came to the house and I gave her the gift from my sister. She hung out for awhile and talked to me about how low brow her family was. I said nothing as it was apparent she did not see how perfectly she fit in with them. She said they started cursing badly and screaming so much they had to leave the park. M1 said she was embarrassed but did not know what to do. Again I just listened. I talked to her about the gifts my sister got her and how to use the different things (nail clippers, Gripe water, saline spray) and she appeared to half listen. She thanked me for the wipes and the diapers and laughed at “all the dollar store stuff” she got. I reminded her she was lucky to get anything at all and to be sure to send thank yous to everyone. SHe posted it on Facebook….ummm not where I was going but whateves.

Eventually she left after giving me a hug. I felt bad for her because times like this where her reality collides with her fantasy of how things will be has to be hard. But what can you do family is family and yes sometimes they are embarrassing.

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