Momentary Resurfacing

Wow it is has been crazy busy here at Chez ANYM. Where to start….ummm with the good news.

M2 is in a special program this week for kids with autism. Now she does not want to be in camp though that is what it is. It is catered to kids on the spectrum so I breathed a sigh of relief knowing she was in good hands at my college Alma mater. The first day was rough today was better. She actually partially participated and got to talk with all the staff assigned to her age group. Now as if that was not enough…I swear this is a true story….today on the way out the door a young lady came barreling through the door and her mother admonished her and told her to look out. The kid looked familiar. It turns out back when M2 was 3 and in preschool this now teen was her best friend. They just figured it out at the end of the day when I talked to the Mom and was like “Well not to be a creepy parent but did your child go to S***** for preschool?” The Mom jumped up and down and said “Oh my goodness they were the best of friends this is wonderful!!!” So we are hoping tomorrow they talk to each other.

N had been doing pretty well in TKD camp as well. They were full this week so I had to send her to the sitter but otherwise it was good. I am not sure what I will do next week when there is no school and no camp but we shall see. Maybe something will turn up I am not sure. The small issues were worked through and while it was not smooth sailing it was also not come get her now!!! The good news is they see why I don’t always let her test due to lack of respect.

In my world well the singing competition is up in three weeks so I have been working like crazy. Lets see if I can get a clip to load. OK not sure if this will work but if it does than know the first three notes are off and the last note I don’t hit which is why the recording stops as it gives away both her and my identity in total.

So now you can hear me singing for real. Know that when I am making up songs for the kids this is also the voice they hear but no not my speaking voice at all. The song in case you know it is On My Own from Les Miserables and the contest is singing theatrical productions so my voice coach picked this one for me. No prior to June I had never heard this song…now I sing it in my sleep.

The girls are super excited to start school in two weeks and honestly after all they went through with summer plans going to crap I am glad they did as well as they did. Yes of course I told them!!!

So we shall see what the first week of school brings. I am off to practice more so I don’t hit the wrong notes out of the gate LOL.



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