Trip to France

I did it. I actually let the kids for 10 days and took a trip by myself with my Army buddies. It was fun and exhausting and as I sit in the airport waiting to go home I am hoping they missed me as much as I missed them.


The trip was a tour of the cities in France that the veterans of World War 1 fought in. Now I know that sounds grim but understand my life has been full of military history, studying battles etc as I was an officer and we must learn from the past. It was a humbling and fun experience. No of course visiting graves to lay flags is not really fun but learning about the war, how they fought and the lessons learned were a great educational experience for me. We also had free time and as soon as I get home I will upload some pictures from where we were that was not a cemetery or ossiary.

The girls did well with my parents and my friend and yes I did talk to them while I was away. I love to Facetime video call as I was able to show them the Eiffel tower and my different hotel rooms with ease. They seemed excited each time I call and they both updated me regularly on what they were doing and how much fun they were having. M2 was more of the “I miss you Mommy” and always gave me a days count down. Yesterday in fact she was hopping up and down yelling “tomorrow you come home” sooooo I am guessing she is excited.

It was good to get away and spend some time with adults. I had many conversations that were fun and didn’t realize how much it means to talk to adults regularly. Nope not a Nirvana moment, still going to be anti-social but I did appreciate the time with my friends. My buddies were good to me and in return for translating and interpreting, they bought me drinks and dinners. It really was a lot of fun to be appreciated for something you do that you don’t have to do.

But for now I am going to board the plane for the 7 and a half hour flight home and hopefully catch up on some sleep.

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  1. Sounds lovely! I totally know what you mean about talking to adults!!! I’m taking Hope and my mom to France and Switzerland next month for a vacation (I have to work a bit in Switzerland). I’m so excited.

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