Fun News

Hello ANYM,

You are now registered to attend an AGT audition in New York, NY on Nov 2, 2018.

You have taken the first step towards the big stage and a chance at winning the $1 million prize!

Be sure to check out for specific updates on your selected city as well as FAQ’s about the day!

Your ID in the system is a3312a-1-8******.

Good luck, we’ll see you soon!


I really did it I decided to audition for a real TV show which happens to be M2’s all time favorite show. Now the audition is in November and you don’t find out until March if you are in but still the chance to do it was too great to not try to do. I figure I have nothing to lose by trying. My goal is to make it to the stage and not be on the bloopers roll.

I have not told M2 yet but I am sure it will be exciting for her.

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