Sealing her fate

OK at this point M1 is in serious trouble. Remember how I told you all that she told me it was shoplifting one time…well here is the police report with identifying information removed.

M1, 17, of N**  was charged with Larceny by Detective MG for a series of thefts from the Walmart jewelry department.

No wait it gets worse so not only did she lie about how many times she stole, she is caught for them. She was as I mentioned sentenced to community service. She refused to do it claiming a number of flimsy reasons. I was so enraged at her attitude and the fact she bailed on M2 twice this week for time together I wrote a letter to the judge’s secretary’s that went like this:

 I apologize for being forward and not knowing who to talk to about this matter. My daughter M1 has court tomorrow at 5:30pm and she is refusing to tell me anything past that. I know that she was sentenced to community service. I know it is for shoplifting. I also know she did nothing to help herself despite my regular reminders to call the court to find out where she could do her community service.
 I don’t know what the court will decide tomorrow when she states her sentence has not been served. She will make excuses, she is pregnant, it was too hot, no one would let her do anything and these are all attempts to deceive. Please know that in the past she was on a PINS diversion in **** County for stealing from me and for sexting.
 I am respectfully requesting whichever Judge has her tomorrow to not go lenient on her. She does not deserve leniency she has been breaking laws for several years now and even though I love her dearly I cannot make her see the light and come to the straight and narrow.
 I realize you probably cannot even respond to my email and I respect that as well. Thank you for your time and I appreciate you hearing me out.
Yes it was harsh. Yes some people will be judgmental but I am tired, so incredibly tired of her never having to face the music. She stole from me just last month and she has broken M2’s heart so many times I cannot even begin to express the frustration. So I broke down and thought, well let me tell the judge I am not in the mood for her excuses either. Now I do not know if the judge hearing her case even got my note. It might have been in vain but at least I have spoken my peace. It gets worse
She told me today at 3pm she was not going to go to court. She told me she was sick and was going to pick up M2 spend some time with her and then go to Urgent Care. I said go to Urgent Care now and what about court and she said “Well hopefully they will understand” I relayed they would not understand and that M2 could wait until after court or Urgent Care. She refused to listen. She tried to pick up M2 who was not having it, went to the local grocery store and went home.
I don’t know the law but I think a bench warrant can be issued for her at this point. While I am dismayed this could happen on one level I am not on another, she knew it was wrong, I told her it was wrong and she chose to ignore me. I am not sure what they will do or when they will pick her up if there is a warrant but either way things just got seriously poor for my oldest child.

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  1. I hope she learns something from the reality check the court is about to give her. Mostly I feel so sad for her baby. And for you – you must feel so weary after so many years of trying to make her life better, having to watch her work so hard to make her life worse instead.

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