Unreal Reality

OK I can’t make this stuff up. I Facebook messaged M1 to let her know that M2 wanted to talk to her. She says has time and video calls.

M1 is SCREAMING obscenities at boytoy’s mother while on video chat with us. Boytoy’s mother is threatening violence against M1 and boytoy. M2 looks frozen in fear so clearly I have to step in and I take the phone. Turns out boytoy’s mom started crap with boytoy, M1 of course jumped in and then the fighting started for real. M1 brought up the fact that the mom is an alcoholic and while she is SCREAMING threats to the mom she has me on the phone. Meanwhile boytoy is bawling in the background like a two year old. Yes this is the environment she wants to bring an infant into. I tell her to hang up and call back when the cops have left and it is quiet.

She calls back in about 3 minutes and asks to take her off speaker phone. The cops have told her that she and boytoy need to leave for the night. She wants to come here. I am in no mood for this crap….none at all. I tell her one night and that boytoy is on the floor as I am not setting up the bedroom upstairs for him on short notice. Regrettably for the next 28 days I have to allow her back into my home. I can’t say no or I can be charged with neglect or abandonment. Isn’t the law fun (in a sarcastic font)?!?!?!

She is going to come here rip roaring mad and I am going to have to deal with it. My quiet night at home is otherwise now ruined and there is nothing I can do about it. Can you see why I am doing a days count down til she is 18 and I can just say “nope figure it out.”

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