Lack of Summer Plans

I do hate it when plans fall apart. So lets just say I signed both girls up for Camp ARC. Yep the special needs camp. At the beginning of the week I get all the stuff back telling me they are at capacity and are not accepting more campers. I am fit to be tied two weeks till I need them in camp and NOW you are telling me you are full….OMG the words I thought. I relayed my HUGE STINKING issue to my friend who inspects summer camps and she said “OMG I am so sorry, when we inspected them last week we said only 75 campers or you have to hire another life guard.” OK so my kids were what 76 and 77 in line grrrrrrrr…..

Now fun fact they cannot be in camp together in most situations. N will run her mouth M2 will fly off the handle and things get messy. Neither can be in a real camp because M2 is a runner and N can be beyond socially inept and is mocked by peers. Yes there is only one camp in the area that serves kids like this…one that is now full. I am stressed to the point my sleep meds don’t work and yes I prayed to the holy high roller on this one….then it came to me…TKD and birth family.

Soooo I approached TKD and said “Hey you can say no but, could N attend camp here? She is good with kids, does not have behaviors as long as TV is not involved and could help you out.” The Grandmaster graciously agreed. Thank  you thank you thank you!!!! I then called M2’s aunt and said “Hey can you watch M2 this summer, her summer camp fell through?” She said “Sure but I am moving out of town, can you bring here there?” OK it is a hike BUT M2 is a morning kid, maybe we can make this work. Then the babysitter said “Look I am going away for two weeks but if you can make it work while I am gone I can make it work when I am home.” Ya know what for 10 days I most certainly can make it work, between her aunt and bringing her to work with me yep this can work (yes I am allowed to bring my kid on occasion to work).

Thankfully yes it worked out it seems but we shall see how N hold up in camp with a group of younger kids. She does like to help and can be quite helpful so we shall see, if not I only have to make it work for ten days…pretty sure I can make that happen.

Next year I am sending the applications in in March!!!!

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