Community Service

You might remember a few weeks back M1 was busted for shoplifting. Well last week she had to go to court and since I was in Syracuse at a conference with the other two I could not go with her. No she did not ask me to go but I would have offered had I been around. Well she was sentenced to 40 hours of community service. She let me know via text and I did not say much but lucky her no jail time.

She messages me on Monday “Where can I do community service here?” Umm don’t know I don’t live anywhere near you right now so I can’t help you. She asks about the city we live in and I tell her to call places. I don’t know enough about court ordered community service and the last thing I need is her to tell a judge somewhere “Oh my Mom said this was all right.” because I have faith she would.  Did I mention she has to do 40 hours in one month? Well tomorrow it has been one week and she has done absolutely nothing..nadda…I guess she wants to head to Court Ordered Diversion.

She messages me today and says “I want to get my GED. I wish I was graduating.” Hmmm you were in 11th grade for the second time so you would not have graduated this year anyway but ok I am sure reality is hard. I ask if boytoy is graduating and she says no. He has a half a credit left but is working now so he can’t make it up. I ask what he is working as and she told me construction. Well that explains why she was blowing money like it was her job the other day when she had M2. I say  nothing, I mean why bother she is not listening. I secretly hope though that they are putting some money aside for later. No I do not think they are at all. They cannot think what they will need or that he will not have work come the winter…they see money and feel the need to spend….sigh……

On a positive note she did at least this time pick up the books my sister and my Mom’s friend had gotten her. She has the books “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” “Positive Parenting” and something to the effect of “reading your baby”. I was happy she took them at least she did a notional I am going to try to learn something. Now I am not sure she will read them but there is a better chance now that they are out of my house and in her hands. She also picked up the letter from pedophile so I guess they are still a thing….egad…..

Is it a bad thing that I am counting down the 49 days till she is 18 and I am not liable anymore? I feel awful for feeling this way but I am so done with trying to help her to have her react in ways which are nonsensical and foolish. Yes of course I still love her but I am sooooo done having to cover her tracks, making things right, paying the prices for her transgressions. In 49 days I am no longer legally responsible for this child and it will be a good day. Yes of course I realize that there is a chance after I will have to help take care of the child but the fact legally no one will bother me anymore because of her behavior is huge!!!! I am so done with the state police at my door!!!!

I know I know don’t wish away the present for the future. Don’t get me wrong things are so much better now that she has moved out but still the cloud hangs and I am grateful that soon that cloud too will be lifted.

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