Respite Day

I had a whole day to myself on Saturday if you can believe it!! N was at weekend respite and M1 picked up M2 so I could go on a black belt retreat with the other black belt students in TKD. My BFF teased me it was a practice run for my upcoming trip to France where I will be a whole 10 days kid free!!

I did start the morning with M2 though and she hugged and snuggled me before I left with my BFF to go to Adirondack Extreme. You can Google it, its an “adventure park”

The bottom photo was the test course to be sure we could hook up and unhook to the different obstacles. I should have stopped there. But nope nope nope I decided to challenge my fear of heights and falling by completing two of three courses. My BFF decided to do 5 of 6 courses but I have to admit after falling off of the final obstacle in course 3 and dangling for about 5 minutes 20 feet in the air I was so done I don’t have words. Honestly I was shaking so badly it took a good hour to get me to stop and be able to speak. But truth be told everyone was super supportive and no one made fun of me for falling off the obstacle. I lost my footing and my arms gave out so pulling myself up was not possible.

Yes I need a different way to spend my time without kids, though I did enjoy the adult conversations and meal. I actually had a lot in common with a few of the parents and so we could share stories of kids doing kid stuff and for a few brief hours it felt like I was living a normal life…sigh….no such reality though.

Saturday night M1 brought M2 back from her day of fun. Sunday I took M2 and N to the Great Escape again. We spent the day in the wave pool for the most part as it was super hot and the water was refreshingly cold. We ate lunch and dinner there and I talked to them about the obstacle course, being scared and the students being super supportive. They were both surprised I was scared but I promised them I was and they could ask Titi (my BFF) when they saw her Tuesday. I told them I would never do it again and that it was all right to try to challenge yourself as long as you were being safe. M2 teased me and said falling out of a tree wasn’t safe but I reminded her that I lost my footing and certainly wasn’t trying to fall out of a tree. They both laughed.

Great weekend over all and definitely good to have some adult time without kids and without worrying kids would be all right.s

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