Amusement Park Redo

We have a season pass to the Great Escape and as you recall the last time we went was a disaster. This time however was fantastic!!!


OK this is Flashback and NO I don’t go on it but N does like to go on it. The day was rainy so there were only some people there. We got to go on the rides several times in a row because there were so few people. The really cool part was all the people we did know having fun at the park. We got to see a few folks from Tae Kwon Do, a woman from my job and best of all we got to see the Littles. Yep they were up there with their Grandmother and Uncle having fun in the rain. All of us ended up on this ride…called The Screamin’ Demon


The Littles and their family got off after once but we went on another three times just because we could. Eventually the rain did stop and after we saw M2’s biological Aunt and Cousins we decided to get something really good to eat. The kids ate this concoction called an Ice Cream Sundae Funnel Cake. I had a vanilla ice cream cone instead.


It is a funnel cake or piece of fried dough, with chocolate ice cream, sugar and cherry pie filling. I am pretty sure just looking at it packs on the pounds but seriously they were soo good that I had to reward them. Yes I know that food is a bad reinforcer but oh well it works and they were super happy to get it.

We drove home and after 6 hours of fun they were super tired and slept all the way home. Good night for all I would have to say.

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