Un-Great Escape

N had respite this weekend and M1 took M2 for Friday to Saturday so I had a day home alone and cleaned like it was my job. Oh wait it is my  job. It took me 3 hours to scrub N’s room and it was nasty. I threw out 2 bags of garbage and donated 2 bags of clothing. See I realized that N just has too many clothes to manage so what I needed to do was make it manageable. So I picked her 8 favorite everything’s and got rid of most of the rest. No point in fighting with you each week about what needs to go where, as now you don’t have as much to put in the same locations. I organized all things and made the organization simple. All jewelry was in the jewelry box, all make up in a bag, all art supplied in a bin. When she came home I showed her where all her stuff was organized.

On Sunday I thought it would be nice to go to Great Escape again. The weather was clearing up and after cleaning the house I just wanted to be outside for a bit. Good plan poor execution. I forgot that neither M2 or N had slept and should have anticipated this but alas I did not. Of course this ends the part where I am responsible, the rest is on them. About 3 hours into it N starts demanding that M2 give her back her iPod. Now I had told N to hang onto it and NOT give it to M2 to hold and last I saw N had her iPod but she swore up and down M2 had it and of course M2 swore she did not. M2 then proceeded to punch me in the chest, beam me in the head with her plastic water bottle and run off. Floored I picked up the bottle and looked at N and asked why she did not listen to me in the first place and yes I had seen her put the iPod in her pocket so why was she blaming M2 for losing it. Well N started swearing and shouting she did not have it and I was….well a bunch of obscenities.

Here is where it gets ugly. I am trying to talk to N and get her to calm down and she clamps her hand over my mouth (and nose) to silence me. Reflexively I bit down on her fingers and the second I did it I regretted it. She ought not to have clamped her hand over my airway but I should have pulled away instead of biting. She immediately screamed and pulled her hand back and now folks are looking because it is clear she has escalated and is being aggressive. Another visitor asked if I wanted Security called but I said no it would be all right and then N took off to the bathroom (turns out).  I want to scream and cry all at once, I just don’t need this right now. N is raging in the bathroom and M2 finally shows up. I send her outside to sit and we wait for N to calm down. N comes out and I tell them both we are leaving. I also told them there would be consequences for their actions so M2 took off again.

I walked with N to the exit, thankfully there is only one and we sat down to wait. We waited about 20 minutes then M2 showed up. I told them to both get their cups refilled and not say a word to me or each other. On the ride home they both fell asleep. Yep I get it they were tired but assaulting me, nope not going to be allowed. We finally get home and I point out how even though they were upset with each other they both lashed out and hurt me. M2 apologized N glared at me. I reminded N that if she is gong to endanger my life by trying to suffocate me by law I had the right to fight back. She got snotty and said “You didn’t have to bite me.” and I replied “I wouldn’t have if you had kept your hands to yourself.” No I am not proud of myself but hopefully she learned not to do that again.

Next two days N is a freaking rude piece of nonsense. Finally after I mowed most of the acre of lawn we have and her refusing to help with anything I called her out on it. She claims she “did not want to do it” so she didn’t. I told her that I did not want to replace her iPod even though I could and I did not want to give her money to buy a lunch on Wed even though I could. She looked dejected at that point and I said to her “Did I tell you how you could help me today? (yes)” Did you help me today? (no)” Ok if you don’t want to be nice to me. I don’t have to be nice to you and me giving you my money to buy a lunch you can make or giving you an iPod to replace the one you lost is being nice. You don’t have to have a bought lunch or a new iPod so therefore for now you will not have them. When you turn yourself around I will be happy to think again about these things.

What about M2, well she was the opposite. She woke up both mornings and gave me hugs and kisses. She apologized for being ugly and offered to help make dinner tonight to make up for it. She helped with the dog and was pleasant throughout meal time. Oh well guess one kid gets it yikes….

So today the kids asked if we could go to Great Escape again this weekend and I said no because it is supposed to rain but really you want to redo the mess you just made…ummm thinking no…..

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  1. Oh honey. I’ve had a day trying to help our oldest while he screamed obscenities at me. I would not have reacted so well if someone cut off my airway. You didn’t panic at all! You’re a great mom and a really tough cookie. I hear you and I know what this can all be like. I’m sorry. I’m sending cyber hugs your way.

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