Gender Reveal

Yep today was the ultrasound and it’s a girl.

I want to be happy but I am not. I feel like the holy high roller just threw me a bone with this one and while I am grateful, I am not. I sent M1 and article yesterday on the cost for the first year raising an infant. When she calculated everything she realized she did not have any money. She told me this and nothing more. I felt like “what you want me to rescue you? nope” She is not working, he is not working and meanwhile she is looking up what it will cost to go to Disney the week before Christmas because it will be a good time for the baby. Ummm no you have no money and a 2-3 month old could give a crap about Disney. Also traveling with a child is tiresome and even though I gently pointed out what she needs to think about it is clear that she is not listening. Oh well whatever, reality will hit in soon.

Later this evening I then get a message from her “Please let me get my permit and my driver’s license. I will be a good driver and I want to be able to drive before the baby gets here.” OK lets look at why this is a no from me….

  1. You were pulled over for driving without a license AND using a mobile device. You have points on your name.
  2. Because you are not yet 18 you would be on my insurance AND that would rocket my rates because YOU have points.
  3. You just got me sent to a collection agency because you did not pay a hospital bill.
  4. You have no job and no money. You cannot pay for the care and maintenance of a car regardless of what you want. You cannot pay for insurance which is required.
  5. I may or may not have to pay for your shoplifting charges but we won’t know that until after you go to court.
  6. The first time you have talked to me in months other than to tell me what a piece of crap I am was today when you asked how my doctor’s appointment went.
  7. You want nothing to do with me until you want something then suddenly I exist.
  8. You do NOTHING for this family and refuse to live here and be with us, so why should I bother?

Is it clear I am aggravated? Thanks for letting me vent. Now sincerely if she had a job I would have fewer issues, she could contribute to her insurance and would have the means to care for a vehicle but guess what in three months you are 18 and the baby is not due for four months so you got time. At 18 I can no longer be called to bail your butt out of the trouble you get yourself in on a regular basis. You might plan on being a good driver but in the last few months you have:

  1. Given alcohol to a minor
  2. Shoplifted
  3. Driven without a license
  4. Used a mobile device while driving
  5. Failed to make payments on bills
  6. Driven a car that is not insured or registered.
  7. Slept with three different guys at least
  8. Gotten pregnant
  9. Dropped out of school
  10. Driven with someone who was ability impaired
  11. Had police interaction for domestic disputes
  12. Dated a rapist
  13. Lied to your sister so many times she no longer trusts you
  14. Avoided us like the plague
  15. Created drama by contacting your birth father and making your sister think he is going to take her away from me.
  16. Been so vile to me at times I want to strike you
  17. Threatened to call the police on me for making you follow house rules
  18. Moved out
  19. Stolen items from me
  20. Refused to get a job

Your judgement is clearly impaired and no I will not have any part of that thank you very much. Yes I am happy its girl as there is a chance I will have to raise it, I am glad to know I have an attic full of clothes and at least an inkling of what to do.

But no the only driving your doing is driving me out of my mind.

2 thoughts on “Gender Reveal

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  1. Yay for little girl Bubbas but boo to all the drama. Sorry it’s all such a mess that you have to deal with. Hoping that M1 eventually sees some sense.

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