A Funeral for Birth Grandmother

A post or so ago I told you all that M1 told M2 their birth Grandmother had passed away. Well the funeral was today and what an event that was!!! Now in addition to knowing the Grandmother, for those who don’t remember I was the “Big Sister” to their biological Aunt so of course I am going to go. I knew it was going to be a hot mess. I knew it would be even more awful if their Birth Mom was there. I was dreading this because oh boy it would test my patience.

I get there with M2 because M1 had basically blown us off. I read her the riot act and told her if her arse was not at the funeral home one time I was personally coming to her to be ugly. The reason I was such a jerk….the Grandmother was the one that took care of M1 to the best of her ability when M1 lived in the home. She beyond M2 needed to pay respects. The service ended at 5 at 4:40 I was on the phone the heck are you. She was minutes away, she arrived at 4:58 I wanted to strangle her.

Now because she was taking so long I went in and paid my respects to the family. I mean like it or not I know every single one of them and so I know going was the right thing to do. I hugged my “Little Sister” tight and I was not sure she was going to let go. I hugged the second oldest and she burst into tears. Both thanked me for coming and then I made the rounds to the other siblings. Birth Mom was not there!!!! I was pissed I mean how do you miss your own Mother’s funeral but after talking with the sisters both were glad she was missing so that ebbed my anger. My “Little Sister’s” Aunt came up to me during this time and said “Look I know my family can be a bunch of jerks but please know I am thankful every day that you took the girls and don’t keep them from us. I know you didn’t have to and I appreciate that you did.” I was genuinely touched by this comment.

We went outside and were watching the kids run around M1 and M2 said at the same time “OMG they are crazy!!!” I laughed at them and said “Yeah you two are screwed you got crazy from your genetics AND your environment. It’s only a matter of time!!” They both started laughing. We talked some more to my “Little Sister” when she came out and gave a bunch of hugs all around again. They invited my two to the picnic at the park afterwards and I encouraged the girls to go and have fun with their family. Both seemed a bit hesitant but I reminded them it might be a while before they saw some of the cousins again if ever in person so please go be with your other family. The in the end agreed to go and their Aunt promised to look after them. More hugs and we parted ways. I was glad I went for my kids and my “Little Sister’s” sake.

May the Grandmother find the peace she was missing in her new eternal life.

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  1. Wow. It’s such a testament to you that you are able to navigate both worlds this way. Your girls know, at the end of the day, who took care of them. They love you. It’s so obvious even when M1 is being…well I guess being M1!

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