On this episode……

M1 texted me the other day and tells me she is getting arrested next week. Yes I did the same “huh” when she told me. Turns out last week when boytoy was caught shoplifting she had shoplifted too. Now she thought she had gotten away with it until the video showed it and now this week she will be arraigned for shoplifting. I have to be honest I didn’t even know what to say to her. She confessed this is boytoy’s second charge and so he too will be arraigned this week, her for one count of shoplifting, him for two. I wanted to scream and yell at her but all that came out was “So this is how you want to live your life?” (no) “You do know you are better than this right?” (yes). I had to hang up because on top of all this is the saga part two.

M1 has also reached out to her birth father despite there being a restraining order against him. She tells M2  that he was going to go back to court to get his rights back so he could take her and raise her. Now this cannot happen there was a trial his rights were terminated but he has a lot of magical thinking going on. Then M1 was dumb enough to tell M2 that her biological Grandmother had died Thursday so M2 was a hot mess. I wanted to string M1 up honestly I did but I had to be civil because all of this happened at tae kwon do and M2 is a sobbing mess and everyone can see it. Now the silver lining is that M2 was not close to her Grandmother so even though I will take her to the funeral on Saturday the worst part might be that the birth mother is present not the actual death itself. I promise I can’t make this stuff I promise.

Sooooo then the Little’s come over for the day and we have a fantastic time together. We went to a playground, came home, at lunch, went to another playground ate dinner and then they went home. M1 told M2 she would come at 1pm to go bike riding. She then changed her mind and said 3 she showed up at 4:20. M1 offered no apology and immediately starts a fight with N. When I interrupt that fight she starts with M2. I interrupt that fight and she storms to her room swearing someone has stolen her ring. I have to bring the Little’s home so I leave M1, M2 and boytoy in the house. When I return M1 leaves abruptly. I go upstairs to my room to find she has stolen my Easter candy. Yep a thief by any other name is still my child. I do check my jewelry and my piggy bank and all seems to be in place so that much is good I suppose She then messages me can I please make an appointment to get the papers signed so she can visit predator in jail. Yay ok let me get right on that for ya #shakinmyhead

Now M2 is pissed off because she did not keep her word and take her out biking. I try to assure her she meant no harm but M2 is not hearing it and tantrums. I finally get her to calm down and we talk to M1 and she promises that Sunday (today) she will come over. First thing in the morning she says she is not coming to church, M2 is pissed. At 2 she asks if M2 can go swimming #girlissues and I tell her yes, M1 says she will be here at 5 she still has to wash her bathing suit. I remind her that the YMCA closes at 6:30. M1 then says she will take her to the mall and I remind her that closes at 6pm. I suggest she come for dinner and she says ok. I tell her dinner is at 6 and she arrives at 5:50 and already ate so she stares at M2 while she is eating. I suggest they play on the Ninetendo Switch. M2 starts out aggravated and she wants alone time with M1 but M1 refuses. M1, N and boytoy play the switch for awhile then leaves after making up with M2.

Uggg I swear this is what turned my hair white. But since some are going to be concerned yes in this mess I am taking care of myself. Believe it or not I have lost over 15 pounds safely, see a nutritionist, see a therapist and go to tae kwon do regularly. I took a night off last week to just be alone and watch TV. Yes it was great to be home alone with nothing but popcorn, the dog and the cats. I have a close support network of friends keeping me afloat too so not all is not too far gone.

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  1. So sorry for all that you are going thru. It’s so good that you managing to take of yourself during this time x

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