Mud run fun

mudrun 2018

Today N, M2 and my BFF did a mud run. You can see M2 in the blue and N in the pink in the above photo. I am to the left getting a drink so you can only see a bit of me but yeah I am good sized.

Anyway….the mudrun we did today is called the Daniel Barden Mudfest. We have done it since its inception as it is in memory of the children who were killed during the Sandy Hook shooting. I grew up in the next town over from Newton and am friends with one of the friends of a victim of that tragedy. She created this race to have fun as young boys do playing in the mud while raising money for local EMTs and paramedics. It is a lot of fun but it is a lot of work. The race is up and down hill, for someone like me, who is not in the best of shape, it is more than challenging. I do it for K though and to keep the memory of the kids alive.

The obstacles are a combination of mud, water and sometimes hay. When you are five feet tall, like me many of the water obstacles end up coming up to your armpits. One you could literally swim through it was so deep on the one side. Today unfortunately had the additional misfortune of being cold. Well it didn’t start out cold, it was 47 when we started and when we ended it was 40. No not a huge drop in temperature but when you are soaking wet and have mud clinging to you suddenly 40 feels more like 35. The girls had on running pants though so they were warm enough. There was warm water to rinse off with at the end and a changing area for you to get into dry clothes.

Sooo much mud, yikes I didn’t think it would ever come off. Might have to call the plumber for mud clogs in the shower drain LOL. Oh well a lot of good fun for an amazing cause. I plan to do it again next year too all things going as they should.

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