Keeping the peace

So it has been a week since M1 took off telling me it will be an hour two at the most and then she didn’t bother to come back until 2am then the next day she left for the remainder of the week. Yesterday she told me she wanted to take the girls swimming and I agreed. Today she decided last minute it was not going to happen. I was peeved but offered to come and get her as boytoy had left her stranded. M1 shocked me and told me that boytoy was coming back and they could meet us at the YMCA. She relayed she had no money for dinner so I offered to make dinner for them and surprisingly she accepted.

We did end up going to the YMCA, turns out boytoy can’t swim. My three were picking on him and as much as I enjoyed it I had to put an end to it. Not everyone can swim I remind them and not everyone has the luxury of swimming lessons growing up so knock it off. They had some fun for about an hour but then M1 and boytoy got cold so we had to get out of the water. Plus it was almost closing time so it sort of worked out for all involved.

I get home and finish the dinner. I had put in some chicken in the crock pot and just had rice to make. They sat around and talked and laughed so I assumed things went well. During dinner, M1 mentioned the last decent meal she had was Easter and before that the time when I had all of them at my house. I reminded her nutrition is important especially since there was someone else to take care of now. She sort of blew me off but whatever at least I provided the reminder. They had pudding for desert and everyone was good about helping clean up.

At some point I think M1 told M2 she would be back tomorrow and I am dreading it to be perfectly honest. I cannot think of a single reason to be happy she is home. She spoke about getting a job this summer but that is not until July so I would be stuck with her in my home doing nothing until then. Thankfully I have counseling tomorrow so I can have someone else make sense of the mess that is in my head and heart.  Heaven knows I don’t pay my counselor enough to put up with me in real life but I am super glad I have her.

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