OK let me take a break from M1 drama for a moment and type about the other two kiddos and what they have been up to. They have been doing all right and the fact M1 stays away most days from our home is fine as they fight a lot less.

Today we went volunteering at the humane society in our area. At first M2 was complaining about how she did not want to and it would be boring and so forth. N got dressed right away and was ready to go. We went to Dunkin Donuts to fuel up then off we went to the shelter. We were going to start out with the cats and then N was going to go with a worker to help her process emotions and learn other sorts of skills.  We got there and there were already three volunteers there so it was a bit cramped.

First we took a walk around to see if anybody needed a kennel cleaned and one girl did as apparently it was fling your dry food and cat litter day. I swept it up and M2 and N both pet her and loved on her. Her name was Callie and she was thrilled to have some attention. The girls stayed with her for a moment and then came in to the main area to help set up the kennels for the new cats coming in from the holding area. We set up bowls, blankets and litter pans for the new arrivals. M2 and N opened a carrier and their baby popped right out to look around. Mine was a bit slower. His name is Benson and he was a gorgeous boy but took a moment to get warmed up as he was shy. Eventually with much coaxing and chin rubs he did come out of the carrier to the  kennel.

One baby girl was crying piteously the whole time. M2 went over and sat with her and she stayed calm in M2’s arms. SO M2 was assigned to that young girl to get her to calm down and eat some food. M2 loved it and loved the little girl to pieces. She did escape momentarily but I caught her before something happened. N was petting some kittens until her worker came and then she went off to sort bottles and cans. This sorting is a major source of income for the shelter, take a look

Image may contain: outdoor

See all those bags, they are the bottles and cans to sort and N has done that for two weeks now and loves to talk to the people as she is doing it.

Soo ok not real skills yet but I figure showing up, having to put on a uniform and name tag and do activities that are asked of you are a good way to ease into the work world. Both girls said they loved doing it and wanted to go back again soon. I told them we had to wash their volunteer shirts first then we could schedule as needed. As you can imagine N’s shirt was sticky and M2 and my shirts were covered in cat hair.

A lot of fun and the kids got to give back to the community so a win for all. Tomorrow the girls are acting as alter servers so all sorts of community service for them this weekend, which is all good.

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