Learning Skills

Today was one of the worst morning starts ever!!!!! OMG M2 and N going at it over a pair of shoes that M2 said N could borrow that both wanted to wear today. UUUUUGGGGGGGG, the real issue, today we had orientation for their new volunteer job of cat care at the local animal shelter. Both kids were nervous and M2 was convinced she was not going to be able to do anything right. Sigh, 20 minutes of pep talk after reminding them that hitting and stealing are wrong is just another day in the neighborhood.

Both girls did really well and asked questions and were careful not to touch the cats without checking first to see if it was all right. They both cleaned a play area and pet one of the more friendly cats they had on hand. They showed us the “kitchen” which was where you could wash the bowls and the hundreds of towels they go through in a week or so. M2 was fascinated with the laundry machines and mentioned she wanted to work there and the gentleman training us smiled and told her it would be needed. N wanted to clean the kennels but they were already done by the time we had gotten there. She did a good job though in the play area so I think the trainer felt it went well.

We will start volunteering on our own shifts later this week we hope. We get paired with another volunteer at first but then will be allowed to go on our own once we have earned the next badge level. I was thinking one on one with the girls for now so there is no competition between them. Ultimately N can go by herself as she is old enough but M2 will have to go with me. I am not sure when that will be but that is the desired goal. I want the kids to have real world experience for when they actually have to apply for work. I figure they can learn some basic things here and then viola they can be work ready. Yes I know lofty goals.

They admitted they had fun though even given the stress of having to go there to begin with. We agreed that they will try hard and do a good job so they can move up a badge level. I am happy they are motivated which is good so the next time they won’t fight so much when it is time to go.

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