Practicing Self Care

I had a long talk with my counselor about the mess that my life has become. I am aware that I will likely spend a large portion of my life raising an infant I had no desire to parent. Yes I am angry but it isn’t the child’s fault. The other larger issue is me personally.

I am not in the best of shape. Don’t get me wrong I exercise, I do taekwondo two days a week and help as well. I am however overweight and as my doctor reminded me “pre-diabetic.” OK all of that is bad and not where I had pictured myself at this point in my life. Yes there are a thousand reasons why it happened but if I want to look at longevity I have to make some serious changes to my behavior, stress management and overall activity.

My first step was to meet with a nutritionist. I had never seen one before and was nervous. Mol was very good and she talked to me about my current diet and how it was going all wrong. You know I honestly had no idea how much sugar I was actually eating in foods until I started tracking. No I don’t eat a ton of junk either, but I did eat a ton of fruit everyday. Well that and starches, but I knew that was part of the problem. She gave me a revamped meal plan and told me to do my best to follow it. I sighed and went on my way, I have heard this before and was not thrilled but I had to do something.

So first week I discovered my favorite sandwich in the whole world, cheese and tomato was not a no go. All right I had to get a low fat cheese but hey it didn’t taste bad at all. I got to have it for lunch one day and breakfast another!!! OMG so excited, yes really it is the little things. I also started taking a look at the kids diets and while I did do pretty well with not getting fast food and serving junk, I could help by upping the veggies just a bit to make it healthier. They like egg whites as much as scrambled eggs so OK  lets all be healthy together. Given they are not a fan of tofu but its OK they had chicken anyway.

First week down 5 pounds and I wasn’t even hungry or wishing I could eat something different. Second week, I noticed I could go longer in a sparring match and I actually won one too, which has not happened in three years. Ten days in and I am down 7 pounds in total and never feel hungry or deprived. Soo what happened to the stress, well it stayed with me. Now though instead of shoving carbs in my face I try to stop and say “All right you are stressed, no food will help, go write, go read, go exercise.” Nope not a miracle BUT I am doing better that before for sure with the food aspect.

The kids have noticed a difference too. While they are not fans of cutting out all the pasta they do see how we can add veggies to make it a better dish. They do listen to some of the substitutes and for the most part will try some new foods when I present them to them. I also encourage them to do more exercise with me while we are doing normal things, like today in the pool they tread water for several minutes before going back and jumping and diving. I push them harder at taekwondo too so they get a better workout as long as we are there anyway.

Ugg hopefully I don’t lose steam. I did join a group run by the same nutritionist who will also provide a life coach to help make the changes stick. It runs for 16 weeks and that hopefully will make it easier for me to get into a good habit of doing the right thing when someone is helping me individually and coaching me. I am thrilled the weight came off and do want it to keep on going as I have A LOT to lose but I do know one step at a time.

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  1. Kudos to you for making these changes! I know how hard this battle is. Wishing you strength to tackle it one meal at a time.

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