Re-integration of M1

It has been a long couple of days at chez ANYM. I am sometimes ready to kick M1 out again but then realize all she is really doing is showing me how unable she is to care for anyone or anything, so I must be patient.

She came home Sunday and the understanding she agreed to was that she would try to find a job both volunteer and working or go back to school. So far all she has done is lay in bed and whine about her morning sickness. Oh and start a fight with M2, a big one where M2 was hysterical and I had to leave a medical appointment to go tend to her to get her to calm down sufficiently enough to function. She claims she is too sick and throwing up to go swimming on Tuesday with us at the YMCA. Yesterday she was throwing up and went swimming with her friends. Am I angry yep. Super angry, do I keep my big old mouth shut, yep.

She invites boytoy over on some days and invited predator yesterday. She is all worked up because predator might go to jail this week, as well he should, and she is having fits about him getting out and not being able to see the baby. Hello he is a pedophile, no he cannot be near the baby or your sisters how many times must I make this clear?!?!?! She broke up with predator for a day now is back with him. She likes boytoy as a friend but not a significant other….does any one else hear their brain screaming “you need therapy”!!! I swear I can’t make any of this up and it is amazing how she is so resistant to listening to how she talks horridly about both guys and yet wants both in her life. I cannot make heads or tails of it to be honest.

I picked M2 and N up from the sitter last night, yes my night out sans kids and the sitter asked how M1 was going. I just sighed and said the adjustment has been difficult. She asked if she was really pregnant and I told her yes. She just shook her head. We couldn’t really talk as the younger ones were there but I did say I had grave concerns about her caring for a child and the sitter agreed. Then M2 piped up “Oh Mommy M1 says she is going to ask you to help take care of the baby.” Yeah I bet she is, but no, she has not said a word to me yet. Ugg the awful dread hit again.

OK OK focus….got her a bunch of new clothes that will fit as I am sick of her wearing the same dang shirt every day without washing it. Focus on keeping the other two happy and helping. Focus on the good and let go all the negative you can as it is not helping anything or anyone.

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  1. Oh my gosh this situation sounds terrible. But what can you do but be there for M1.
    My thoughts are with you and hope you get thru this without becoming a casualty yourself.

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