Endless Confusion

“Is my laundry day still on Monday?”

OK I was not actually awake, I was half asleep as it was late at night. I read the message a few times as it was not sinking in what was being referenced here. So I asked what she was talking about and could she clarify as I was a bit confused.

“I have no clean clothes and I am moving back in this weekend so I wanted to know if I can do laundry on Monday.”

The conversation occurred on Wednesday night. She is not coming home till Sunday at the soonest and you have no clean clothes? Why not wash them where you are? Is there no ability to do so? Why would you wait almost a full week to wash your things if they are dirty now? Ugggg no wonder she has had so many skin issues and private area issues, she is just plain dirty and that is well….gross.

She posted ultrasound pictures of her baby on Instagram too. Fantastic she is bragging. Well my sister saw them and although I had told her she was stunned to find out I was telling the truth. Yeah a lot of things I can lie about my teenager being pregnant isn’t even funny. My sister made a joke about being a Grandmother to me and I did my best not to bite her head off. I reminded her I was not happy about this freaking mess and that jokes right now are not something I can handle. She did apologize and tried to remind me there was nothing I could do. I burned as I listened to her because all I can hear is my mother telling me all the things I did wrong with M1. No my sister was not saying anything like that, she was on my side but still the memory of the accusations from my mother burn me every time we talk about this subject.

M1 messages me later that  night….

“Boytoy and I had a fight with his mother. She slapped both of us. Can my friend C come and live with us until boytoy gets an apartment down the street?”

Now I am sure my daughter did something to make J react that way but whatever. I am also quite sure she did not hotline J even though she would have called the cops and hot lined me if I did the same. After a series of texts I find out he is saving up for the apartment down the road. I asked how he was going to maintain payments if he didn’t have the money right now and she said he is getting another job. Well if he is watching the baby during the day how is he going to work another job? She then said that she will get a job to help. I don’t say it out loud but if you have a child who will watch the child while you work. You said you were going back to school so if you get a night job who watches the kid.

I tried hard to keep my comments to a minimum. No your friend can’t move in because boytoy is never going to get an apartment. Oh you are back with the predator, he is not allowed on my property. C has a stipend she needs to get her own place and stop mooching off of others. Oh and by the way, we were going to open our house to respite sooooo no I can’t have unknown people living in my home.  Sigh….I swear none of this is covered in the parenting books. I try to find the humor so:

Image result for parenting meme

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