Take 2 on set

OFFICIAL CALL TIME FOR MON, MARCH 5 is 4:00 AM sharp (Early Morning) Please be ON TIME.

Let me be clear, I  love mornings, I am a morning person but…….having to get up at 3 to be on the set at 4 and driving in the pitch black to a place I have never been….ok stressful. I got there though through the snow flurries and frigid air to make sure I was on time for the 4am show up. I had to park the van right next to the wall of the prison for the scene they needed and walk down the small hill to the holding area.

I actually got to be in a scene today too, which was different. I had the “important” job of walking with another woman, down the hill around the corner and up the next hill on set. The snow flurries were flying as was the sleet and it was all of 18 degrees. Yes I had fun, yes I would do it again. We did the scene a total of 5 times so we think it might have made it to the movie though where we are not sure. They did give us hand warmers though so a bunch of folks put them in their boots. They did work really well I must admit. Also walking up hill both ways kept us fairly warm and we did have on jackets, gloves and hats.

Ben Stiller walked past us first thing in the morning and said “Hi Ladies” I am pretty sure it made my set partner’s day as she is a HUGE Ben fan. He looked miserably cold though and I suppose California was not anywhere near this cold, except maybe in walk in freezers LOL. Shortly after he walked by a guy came up to us and said “Hey background” and we said hi to him. He said he needed to get our pictures and asked us what our numbers were. We told him we were 20 and 21 and he thanked us as he left. My set partner looked at me giggling and said “See how little we really  matter? We don’t even have names we are just numbers.” I laughed it was funny how we were important in a sense but then not so much.

We got to get a cup of coffee and some fruit after being  outside for three hours. Their coffee was insanely disgusting so a few of us slipped into the Dunkin Donuts to get some real coffee. I talked to a couple of production guys while waiting and it was fun to find out that one lives relatively close to me and that his parents are literally down the road. The other fella was from NYC but he had some awesome stories about laying wire and having it short out, mis-fire or freeze. It was a ton of fun talking with them while we were waiting to be released.

Definitely a once in a lifetime experience. I took the kids to see the set once it was taken down and it was “safe” to bring them by. They did not seem too impressed but still it was a chance for them to see something they had never seen before, a prison, and walk around where local history happened. OK maybe it was over their head but pretty sure the HUGE white walls of the prison left an imprint on them. Good thing I was already scared straight, though this was intimidating.

Anyway, it was fun and for now we are done. I sent a thank you note to the casting director for the good times and wonderful memories. I know cheezy but I was raised to say please and thank you so there you have it. So back to work tomorrow and back to the usual. My time with fame is done and while I have some pictures from where I was I cannot release them till the movie comes out. If you are really curious though the town is really called Dannemora and it is in waaaaay upstate New York.

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