On the set

“What does an emoji smell like anyway? Why would I want my car to smell like an emoji?”

That was the line Patricia Arquette actually said to me and her body double when we were standing waiting for a shot to be reset. Both of us started laughing and the gal in charge of the set got aggravated and snapped “QUIET on the set” Both the double and I looked at each other and giggled more quietly.

Yes that is my big screen debut, I was a body double for a scene with Patricia Arquette. It was fun and exciting and no I will not be in the movie. BUT I am not sad because what a body double or “stand in” does is goes through the scene so they can set up the cameras, microphones etc before the stars get there. It took about 20 minutes to get everything into place. I had the “complicated (in sarcasm font)” job of standing with my hands on the counter, taking a half step to the left, turning around, motion as if grabbing a donut (and hold) and then yep I was basically done. Each time they got the shot where they wanted it Ben Stiller or another production person would yell “tape” and someone would come and make tape outlines around my feet. Yay I had no idea this actually happened so it was fun to learn.

Others I was talking with got to be the grocers walking in and out of the store. The funny part is that we had to pretend we were in winter wearing jackets, gloves and hat and it was actually 50 degrees out. We were roasting!!!! They kept having a truck filled with snow come by and they shoveled it onto the street to give it the correct look. After they dumped the pristine white snow on the ground another guy would come by and spray it with dirt so it looked like road snow. OMG such attention to detail was funny and interesting. We couldn’t take any pictures of our adventures though because we signed a confidentiality agreement. We also¬† could not ask for autographs or we would be kicked off the set.

I would do it again in a heart beat and believe it or not I actually get to. I got an email three days after the shoot asking me to come back on Monday to do another scene and they want my van to be in it too. I was joking on Facebook that my van will have more screen time then I will as body doubles are never actually seen in the movies…sigh…oh well I owned the van long before its big screen debut LOL

Image may contain: sky, car, tree and outdoor
A picture pointing us to the holding area where you stay before you go on the set. Since the holding area and set are not things you can photograph this is the closest I can bring folks without getting in trouble.

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