15 Minutes of Fame

Good news….not kid related but still good news…..

This afternoon my phone rang. It was a NYC number I did not know so at first I though just let it go. Then I realized the same number called me last week, if its a wrong number I should tell them. So I pick it up. Here is the conversation:

Hi is this ANYM (yes)? I am Grace from Delisi Creative. You said that you would be willing to let us use your van in a background scene for the movie Escape at Dannemora. Can we still borrow it and can you be up there on Wednesday?

Oh sure. 

Is it a blue Dodge Grand Caravan? (yes) Dark or light blue? (dark) OK fine thank you see you next week.

All right my van is going to be a star!!! I have to clean it up and clean it out but yay it is going to be in the movies!!! I post the new found van status on Facebook and just as I hit post and close out my account the phone rings again.

Hi ANYM? (yes) Its Grace again, I am sorry we don’t need your van (heart sinks). We need you. Are you available for a shoot on 2/28/18 in Dannemora?

Well sure but I have to bring the van or else I can’t get there. (she laughed)

OK good see you next week. I will send you an email Tuesday, might be late with all the information about where and when. I am sorry I don’t have that now. Plan to be here all day all right (sure).

I had to pinch myself….is this really happening?!?!?!! I auditioned for the part back in July   (see: Casting Call  https://minuit262.com/2017/07/23/casting-call/ and Casting Call 2    https://minuit262.com/2017/08/05/casting-call-part-2/)

Today by I assume, divine intervention, I get a call that completely brightens my day!! I am so super excited. I want to take the girls with me but my brother, who does this regularly, said it might be a closed set so ask. I did send an email but I await an answer back. I am not sure what to do next, I have looked up several articles on what to expect as an extra on a movie set. It sounds so exciting and boring all at once. One of the biggest “no” on sets is “don’t talk to the actors” Ummm ok I wasn’t going to anyway.

I can’t believe this will happen. I know it is not a shot at fame, you don’t get a big break by being an extra but still on a real movie set. I don’t know the role but I auditioned for reporter so maybe………I will keep you posted.

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