Legal Involvement

I get this message from M1 two days ago:

If there was a 21 year old, a 15 year old and a 17 year old in a truck, and the 15 year old was drinking alcohol, but the 17 year old was the one who gave it to her and the 21 year old didn’t know it so who would get in trouble??

Read between the lines, my daughter 17 gave alcohol to a minor and wants to know if her boyfriend on probation is going to get in trouble. Turns out it is my kid in trouble. No I am not shocked. When the police called me today they told me they were going to go to see her and give her a stern talking to. I told them I supported arrest if they felt it was necessary. The investigator said first time is a warning. My kid again beats the consequences….

Well when I told her the police wanted her I did not tell her what the investigator said about a talking to. I told her it was either a talking to or arrest. Yes I am letting her sweat it out. Why because the investigator also told me her new boyfriend is on probation for statutory rape and no his name is not going to be cleared as M1 swore it would be. No I am not surprised and yes I was grateful that the officer was kind enough to clue me in that the name clearing is a farce. She needs to fear consequences unfortunately all that will happen here is that the kid will realize she escaped again and will try it again. It is only a matter of time I am thinking before she is in jail. She is drinking and hanging out with a complete loser…..I can’t even type my thoughts here.

I know all I can do is pray and set aside money for what will undoubtedly be more legal bills before she is 18. I am so angry and frustrated with her I want to scream at her yet I can’t. I have to pretend to be caring and open minded when all I want to do is lecture her on her stupid choices. How does that Khalid song go again:

Young, young dumb and broke
Young dumb
Young, young dumb and broke
Young dumb broke high school kids…..

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  1. “Purely a hypothetical question, Mom!” At least in several more months the legal bills will no longer be your responsibility.

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