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UGGGG today I would like a do over and not because I want to do today over. I want to stay in bed and not go through the quagmire again. Yes everyone is fine just another day of parenting two kids who are teenagers I suppose.

Today is church I tell the girls last night, set your alarms for 8am. We have to leave early as I am reading for church and want to get there before the Verger starts to panic. This morning I am yelling for N to get up and she drags her butt. I tell her no coffee hour snacks if she is not upstairs in two minutes, she was up in 30 seconds. No patience for this crap….Asked her why she shut her alarm off and she said she never heard it. I reminded her that if that was the case it would still be going off but it had in fact gone off and been turned off so she must have heard it. She grunted at me.

Rushing in the van I asked N why she decided to lie to me about the alarm, especially given that I had set it and she knew she had turned it off as did I. She yelled at me all I was doing was discussing her failures. I asked what successes we had this morning and she said “none” I told her that is why we discussing failures because this morning she seemed heck bent on not being independent and I was just wondering why. She felt effort put forth yesterday should count for the week. I reminded her that effort was something that had to be done regularly it was not a one and done. She screamed I was being a bitch and tuned me out. Fine whatever I was only giving an example of something I have to put effort into every day too but don’t listen…..

After mass I tried to attend religious education for adults. M2 decided now was a good time to get the children’s minister upset and bring in the deacon. I hear them talking at her outside where I was sitting, yes disturbing the study and go out into the hall to address it. M2 was rude and snotty to me much to the shock of the minister and deacon but not unfamiliar to me. I grabbed my coat and muttered, we are leaving and took both out of the church. I was so frustrated. I tried to talk to M2 on the way out of the church and she kept throwing snow balls near me. When we got into the car I reminded her that she was to go to her room and she shouted “F*** you you can’t make me. I am running away!!!”

Was I wrong to momentarily think “Fine I will pack your crap.” I kept my sarcastic comments to myself and told them they were both to go to their rooms after we went grocery shopping. We get home and immediately M2 starts again with me and when I repeat my request for her to go to her room she screams “You can’t make me b***” Umm yes I can but no I won’t because now I am angry and won’t be loving if I put my hands on you. I stare her down instead and she complies and goes to her room. Egad I freaking hate this!!!!!!

A few hours pass and I am doing housework. The girls come upstairs and ask why I look so pissed off. I turn the question on them, why do they think I might be pissed off? They relay all their antics of the day. I remind them I am human and have feelings to and today the disrespect they showed me was not only  mean but hurt my feelings. M2 said she was sorry and N said she “might” try to do better. Really well I might try to keep my mouth shut, no I did not say that I know I was being a b**** so I just kept my trap closed.

They did ask what they can do to make up for it because they do want me to make cookies for Valentine’s day and I told them clean their rooms and finish their laundry. They are sort of working on it now. I can hear them talking so I am not sure how much actual work is being done versus what I asked but at least they are not fighting.

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