Wanting (not really) to come home

M1 told me Wednesday she wanted to move back home. I said we had to talk first. She blew me off Wed night, didn’t have time Thurs or Fri. Arranged a time on Sat, she made sure to cut it short.

I told her that if she wanted to come home she had to contribute to society. She had to go to school or she had to get a combination of volunteer and paid work. She let me know she is dating someone now who is on probation for statatory rape. I advised her he was NEVER EVER under any circumstances to come near my house. She told me that he was getting cleared next month but I know the idiot and know for fact he did do it so NO you can’t come near my house or my other girls. I did also tell her I loved her and hugged and kissed her.

The girls spent the night and at pickup M2 advised me M1 was not returning. She decided it was unreasonable that I require her to work or go to school. I just shook my head as I find this hard to understand. You are going to live with your old boyfriend while dating your new boyfriend because I refuse to let you sit home and do nothing. I swear that kid is spiting me because she can. All right whatever, less chaos in my home. It does frustrate me though the roller coaster she puts M2 through is enough to make me want to choke her sometimes.

The nightmare I’m waking
There’s nothing, no nothing, nothing but you
My perfect rock bottom
My beautiful trauma…- P!nk


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