Yes this was a real conversation

Know I am laughing as I type this conversation I had with M1 today.

Mom I am at the dealership. What do I need to buy a car?

Money. How are you going to pay for it? You are too young for a loan and boytoy has only been employed a week part time so they will not likely give him one.

OK well the only trouble I think we are going to have is that I have no insurance. I can’t get insurance because I am not old enough and you would have to sign for me. Will you sign for me?

Well, actually the problem you are going to have is that you have no money, no license, no insurance and no way to register the car. Also if I sign for you and you don’t pay they come after me and since you don’t work I am not sure how you are going to pay.

(time passes nothing from her)

OK I can’t get a car they want all the money up front and won’t let us lease it.

Really?!?!? You honestly thought you would just walk into a dealership and get a car? OMG I wish I could have seen the look on the salesperson’s face when frick and frack walked in. No we have no stable jobs, one of us works part time and we want to lease a car. We are 18 and 17. WOW just WOW. I know I know don’t mock your child but I told her almost a month ago she could not get a car at this point. I told her to save up money for a down payment, look at used cars and get a feel for what they cost to start saving for it. I told her take someone who knows cars well with you to see a used car to be sure you did not get ripped off. I told her all this….yikes……

Oh well now she knows and I was no where near her to be embarrassed for her. I am quite sure she is indignant now because she has been wronged but at least life, not me taught her this one.

In other news, N made dinner tonight. Remember I said getting them more independent, well cooking is one thing they must know so yep both she and M2 can make pasta, time to teach her basic meat cooking. She did all right all in all and made sloppy joes for herself and M2. She got a bit frustrated because I made her think through answers instead of giving them to her but I told her when she figures it out herself she remembers better. Tomorrow night M2 is cooking, not sure what yet but we will figure it out soon enough.

So the laughter at M1’s expense topped the day’s hilarity and of course just leaves me shaking my head. Off I go now to listen to N explain to me why she cannot fold her laundry even though she just brought it all to her room and she has nothing else to do tonight.

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  1. You’re teaching great life skills. Just because M1 wishes to learn the hard way doesn’t mean you aren’t teaching. One of my favorite expressions is, “I can explain it to you but I can’t understand it for you.”

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