A Conversation with M1

This  morning M1 messages me and the following conversation occurred……
Can you bomb a house to get rid of mice? This house is gonna be condemned soon
I watched a mouse give birth last night in their oven
It has to be thoroughly cleaned
If the county truly condemns it you all have to leave and J can face fines
If it has to be demolished she would have to pay
Also if they say clean it and they come back and you didn’t it’s fines
Same as I faced for the lead issues
Also if there is mouse poop in the oven you need to clean the oven before you cook in it for sanitary reasons
How does someone leave a clean and loving home to go and opt into this life? I truly don’t understand. She chooses to be there and live there. The house looks like a candidate for a hoarders episode and now this. Honestly I was almost sick. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t the mouse itself. I live in the country sometimes we get them too but the fact it lived their long enough to think it was a safe place to nest and give birth….OMG no.
I feel for J I really do. She lost her husband 3 years ago and that must be super hard. She has a violent and abusive son and now he teamed up with my abusive daughter. I did try to warn her, well now she knows for sure. I have thought about calling the hotline for elder abuse though she is not yet 60. I think about calling someone about the house but on what grounds? J needs help, she truly does and my dysfunctional daughter is just an addition to the nightmare she is living.
Yet M1 continues to call “How do you lease a car?” “How do you rent an apartment?” “J keeps telling him he has to leave, does she have the right to do that? (yes he is 18)” I reiterate over and over that there are few options for an 18 and 17 year old and then she gets nasty with me. Sigh…whatever kiddo facts are facts. Oh and no he can’t move in here with you because I have absolutely no use for a controlling, self absorbed and lazy person.
I feel like I am watching a train wreck, in slow motion. I know it will crash and feel bad that I want it to happen soon so it can be over knowing my kid will be hurt. Yet she does not listen to me and my warnings. She even refuses to listen when I support her assertions. How do you get through? I know you don’t you just wait.  I know sit back and make sure the emotional first aid kit is ready to go on collision.

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