New Year New Challenges

So 2017 ended with a fracture of my finger sigh…… N attacked me and it was not pretty, the finger was angled in a way that made me gag, soooo medical attention was required.  I decided to bring N with me to urgent care when I went so she could hear the damage she caused.

I was furious and of course in pain so I waited a few days, literally before talking to her about it. When I did I simply informed her the next time she put hands on me to hurt me that I was calling the police and she could explain to a judge why it happened. I told her it had been a year now and I was done being her punching bag. I reiterated I loved her but reminded her that I don’t put hands on her so she was done doing it to me. She understood and I dropped it after that, no point going on and on can’t change what happened.

On New Year’s Day we went to do the Polar Plunge. N and I did the plunge with my BFF M2 took pictures.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
M2 braving the weather at Lake George
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Wave one of the plunge. I told N she did NOT have to do this if it was too cold.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
M2 took this photo of me, my BFF and N running into and out of the water.

Yes I know I am crazy but hear me out. The air was 0 degrees, the water was 32 degrees. If you stand for 2 minutes in a one piece bathing suit, then run in, the water feels warm, I promise. Of course getting dressed is a bear but they had a warming tent so as long as you were fast it was all right. Yep I would do it again as would my BFF but N, well she might be a one and done like M1 and M2.

I then thought about goals for this year and at work they talked about a vision board. Now I made one for fun with the following things on it as I do want to get better at TKD and of course parenting.

Image result for I kick things memeImage result for parenting meme funnyn t

I then talked to the girls about goals for the year. I think they heard me but I told them we would write them out then hang them up in our rooms to remember what we want to do this year. I figure the visual will help with the memory for all of us. Now the good news is that the two goals I voiced last year, becoming an assistant instructor at TKD and losing weight did both happen. Now I can continue the weight loss goal with some added features.

So I am going to challenge myself to achieve the following:

  1. Do all push ups off my knees in TKD.
  2. Encourage independence for the girls through teaching life skills more frequently.
  3. Continue weight loss progress.
  4. Get in better shape to do the Tough Mudder half with my coworkers in Aug. Translation, improve upper body and running stamina.
  5. Make concerted effort to spend less on food outside the house by prepping more meals for lunch and  dinner.
  6. Practice being grateful and encourage kids to do the same.

So tonight after using me brand new Inst-pot to make dinner I will sit down with the kids to help them figure out two or three things to work on.

I am excited to challenge myself and lets see how the kids do!!!

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  1. Good for you. I predict you will meet all of your goals. I’m sorry about N. You did the right thing by informing her that she cannot physically abuse you. The police are the next logical step. Best of luck. Happy New Year!!

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